Dior Golden Winter collection (Holiday 2013)

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Here I am with an awesome collection and I know a lot of you are very interested in it. This collection is the new Dior collection for holiday called "Golden Winter"! If you missed the press release information about this collection, click HERE!

I've got a nail polish, a lipstick as well as one of eyeshadow palettes from this collection to show you today.
So let's start with the nail polish, 995 Minuit!
Minuit is described a vibrant plum-based polish with fine gold glitters. This polish is quite complex. It contains a gold shimmer that appears fuchsia in some lights and gold in others. Most of the time, you will see a dark plum base with some small fuchsia flakes that give much depth to the polish. The base has a jelly-creme hybrid formula and requires between 2 to 3 coats to reach full opacity. Formula was dreamy and the polish was easy to apply. Note that the brush is not the typical Dior tapered brush, it's more similar to OPI brush but not as wide.

Then we have the lipstick called 045 Minuit.
Diorific Minuit is a fuchsia lipstick with a subtle, natural sheen. The texture of Diorific Minuit (as with all Diorific lipsticks) is really incredible. It's just creamy enough to be easy to apply but not too much that it slips away.While wearing it, it felt very comfortable and hydrating. I wore it for about 5 hours and then ate and drank but it stayed well for that time. Then I had to do some touch up but honestly, even after 5 hours it still looked awesome. If you're looking for a very comfortable, easy to apply and pigmented lipstick, I highly recommend the Diorifics. I will probably get Royale and Etoile from this collection, too!

And finally we have the couture colour eyeshadow palette called "644 Golden Snow". This collection offers 2 palettes, a "warm" one (Golden Flower) with mainly peach, copper, and gold, and a "cold" one with mainly plum, gray, and snow-inspired colors (Golden Snow) and I have this second palette to show you!
#1 (upper left corner) is a cold-toned, iridescent pale pink. It has a rather good color payoff for such a light shade.
#2 (upper right corner) is a very sparkly slightly cold-toned gold. It has a large amount of sparkles but the base color is not very pigmented. I first thought it would look a bit too-much but it's much more wearable than I thought and I really like this shade! It's the highlight of the palette.
#3 (middle) almost looks like real snow. It is a sparkly cool-toned, iridescent white. That's an awesome eyeshadow and great to use as a highlighter.
#4 (lower left corner) is a coppery-pink with a metallic finish.
#5 (lower right corner) is a darkened gray with an almost matte finish, perfect to use as an eyeliner!

Overall, I think the palette is very well balanced and easy to use!

So I hope you like this collection as much as I do!
For nail polish lovers, Minuit is definitely a must-have, probably the most exciting nail polish of this holiday collection! If you've never tried any Diorific lipsticks, you should because they have an awesome formula and the packaging is to die for. I'm in love with Minuit because this fuchsia hue is just perfect for any occasion and it  makes your lips fuller, too. And finally, although the palette is design for the holidays, I think you can also use it, depending on how you play with it, for other occasions all year long.

EDIT: someone asked me on Facebook if Minuit (nail polish) was similar to Chanel Malice. Therefore I did  a quick comparison to show you the difference. On the first picture I only applied one coat to show the base color. Lancôme Flirty Red has a blue-toned red base. Chanel Malice is more of a pure red. Dior Minuit has a fuchsia base and has a jelly-creme hybrid texture. Chanel Taboo is more purple. Both Flirty Red and Malice are polishes with a shimmer, while both Minuit and Taboo are made of tiny glitters/particles. So as you can see Malice is very different from Minuit!

Purchase info:
Dior products can be purchased from your regular Dior counter (e.g., Douglas, MarionnaudManor, Sephora, Selfridges, Nordstrom) or directly through dior.com

 *Product(s) in this post was(were) sent for my honest review*

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