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Sorry for being absent from the blog in the last couple of days, I was quite busy but I'm back again :D

Today I have swatches of IsaDora new collection for spring made of 5 liquid sand/sugar nail polishes with gorgeous and delicate pastel colors!

All polishes applied well in 3 coats. They are a bit sheer (Cotton Candy is the least sheer of them), you might still see some visible nail line even with 3 coats but that's subtle and I think it adds to the charm, delicacy, and elegance of these polishes. So it didn't bother me. Intersting fact, they're very easy to remove, almost like regular creme polishes. They dry rather fast and you get a completely matt effect in about 10 minutes. I didn't use top coat to keep the matt effect.

Let's start with 135 Cotton Candy, a gorgeous lilac textured polish.I really like this one, it's one of my favorites from this collection!

133 Macaron is a delicate mint textured polish. It's a very unique polish and I love it! I don't think I've seen mint textured polishes so far!

Then we have 134 Bon Bon, a very cute and pretty baby pink textured polish.

131 Lemon Soda is a very pretty lemon textured polish. It's a very wearable yellow because it looks really soft and I guess it would look great on a lot of skin tones. It also contained larger glitters. I also love this polish because it's very unique!

132 Peach Nectar is a ...peach textured polish. Just as Lemon Soda, it also contains larger glitters than the other polishes from this collection. Again, it's a unique and pretty polish that I'm sure I will love wearing next spring!

IsaDora Sugar Nails Pastels is such a cute and pretty collection for spring. I love textured polishes and what's better than pastel textured polishes for spring? Nothing, isn't it? I love the choice of colors (peach, lemon, mint, baby pink, and lilac), they're perfect for spring! As I said, they're a bit sheer but nothing annoying for me. I also love that they dry very flat on the nails (in a very regular way I mean), you don't get bumpy nails.

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In Switzerland, IsaDora are sold exclusively in Douglas stores. You can find more information at

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