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News from February 2014

essence colour & go nail polish
Fresh color! From light apricot to intensive purple to soft pink and cool blue – in February, 17 new and trendy shades will be joining the colour & go-range.

On top highlight: two of the new colours contain the popular, hip “sparkle sand effect”. The pink and silver each have a cool sand effect when they dry – THE nail trend to touch!

The other 15 new colours all have a brilliant gel-shine finish with a highly intensive shine and an extremely short drying time for perfectly polished nails in a flash! The patented quick & easy brush is particularly flat for an even easier application. Without damaging ingredients such as formaldehyde, toluene and softening phthalates. The 8ml bottle has a cool essence design – with the usual colour-coded cap in the corresponding nail polish colour. Available in 17 new and a total of 48 trendy shades.

I want to try the pink sand effect and the other polishes are really pretty, too!!

essence effect nail polish
Electrified effects! Exciting and fashionable effects like glitter jewels, sugar in metallic, sparkling or jeans style, a holographic shimmer and polka dots combined with bright colors like rose, turquoise, blue, pink or grey-black conjure-up unique nail styles. The nail polishes offer great coverage and are super easy to apply for a 3D wow-manicure you can touch! Available in 14 colours with four different effects.

I can't wait to see all of them because they seem wonderful! Great job, essence!

essence nail art magnetic top coat
Magnetic talent! This February, essence is introducing a nail innovation that all girls are sure to love! With the magnetic top coat, every essence nail polish can be magnetized. When the top coat is applied over any essence nail polish, you can create a cool magnet design on your nails with the help of a nail art magnet. And here’s how it works: simply paint your nails in your favorite polish as usual and leave to dry completely. Next, apply a layer of the top coat on top and hold the popular nail art magnet above your nail as long as the top coat is still moist. As if by magic, a unique design will appear on your nails.

Awesome idea!! Dance Legend has the same kind of magnetic top coat. I ordered it some time ago but I'm still waiting for it to arrive! You can see swatches of it HERE. I'm sure I'll buy this one by essence though! I'm very curious!

essence nail art magnet
Nail power! The unique chip-form of the magnet offers an extra-strong effect. And here’s how it works: hold the magnet bar above still moist magnetics top coat for 15 seconds. Two new versions create an elegant plaid pattern or a cool heart design. Comes in a practical re-sealable pouch. Available in two new and a total of four versions.

I haven't tried any essence magnets so far so I can't say much about them but if the magnets are strong enough to get crisp patterns, they are really cool!

essence nail art cracking top coat
Cool cracks! As of February 2014, a trendy emerald green is joining the cracking top coat family – a must for every nail art fashionista! And here’s how to achieve the unique look: simply apply on top of a color nail polish and watch as the polish "cracks" open within seconds. Amazing! Available in one new and a total of five colors.

essence nail art special effect topper

On top: the special effect toppers always have a surprise in store for you and are now being joined by five new versions! From a dotted Dalmatian look to a jewel effect - these polishes in various colors ensure an extraordinary finish and an eye-catching appearance wherever you go! Available in five new and a total of nine colors.

Very cool toppers!!

essence nail art effect nails
3D effect deluxe! Exciting three-dimensional textures are extending the effect nails range. From February onwards, black velour powder, 3D glitter in turquoise or multidimensional glitter flakes can be brought to your nails. The small tubs with a practical sieve make application really simple. Sprinkle the effect nails on still moist nail polish and that’s it – get ready to admire a totally individual nail design with a 3D look! A small tip: it’s best to pour the effects into the lid and then press your nail into them. Available in three new and eight different textures and colors.

essence nail art 3D jewels set
Now you can even turn your nails into accessories! The nail decorations with an ultimate 3D effect are available in various designs and materials. Cute bows made of silicone or extravagant mustaches – all looks are possible, whether elegant, eye-catching or romantic. The 3D jewels can be applied on your natural nail or on top of nail polish and can be creatively combined to suit your mood. Includes nail glue for long lasting results. Available in a total of two versions – one “to love!” and one “go crazy” edition.

I'm not the biggest fan of 3D nail decorations but they're really cute and I'm sure many girls will love these sets!

essence nail art do it yourself sticker (exclusively available at Müller)
 For all nail artists! Transparent nail stickers that can be designed and embellished with all types of nail art decorations. And here’s how the nail design is guaranteed to be a success: simply place the stickers flat on the table, decorate with nail polish, glitter, flakes, rhinestones or whatever your heart desires and leave to dry. Next, peel off the stickers, apply on your nails and then file down the excess foil – and voilà, your nail style with a wow-guarantee is done! A top coat can make the stickers last significantly longer. One sheet contains 14 stickers in various nail sizes.

Cool idea! I'm always too lazy to make my own transparent stickers so if I come across this essence set, I'll get it. Unfortunately it's only available at Müller and there is no Müller where I live >_<

essence nail candies
Sweet candies! The new nail candies are sure to make all your nail dreams come true. They won’t just make your nails shine in the most gorgeous pastel shades like apricot, rosé or pistachio, but also offer six pampering benefits. The nail polishes harden, protect your nails from daily demands, even out irregularities, have a fruity scent, dry fast and give your nails a high-shine finish. Available in a total of seven colors.

essence studio nails pro white glow
Blush for your nails! This pink-transparent nail polish enhances the natural color of your nails and visibly lightens the tips! For a gorgeous, pampered and glossy look. Wow!

essence studio nails moisturizing cuticle cream
Balsam for your nails. The new moisturizing cuticle cream provides plenty of moisture and pampers your nails and cuticles with vitamins, panthenol, glycerin and rich oils. Say goodbye to dry and brittle areas! Comes in a cute tube with a bright orange lid and has a fabulous fruity, pampering scent.

essence quick & easy sponge nail polish remover 
The practical, acetone-free “dip-in” nail polish remover with an integrated black sponge removes nail polish easily without the need for a cotton pad. Particularly cool: when removing polish from one nail, the other nails are not affected – this way, you can fix little mishaps in a flash!

essence gel nails at home cuticle pusher
Push it! The high-quality cuticle pusher with a soft sandstone tip is ideal for preparing your nails for a long-lasting gel manicure. The professional tool is gentle on your nails and cuticles and offers perfect results.
essence gel nails at home gel corrector
Corrections are a must! For a long-lasting gel manicure, it’s really important that the gel is applied correctly and that any residues are removed from your cuticles before curing the nails underneath the LED lamp. You can do this gently and easily with the gel corrector, which has a washable silicone tip.

essence gel nails at home mini LED lamp
Revolutionary gel manicure! Absolutely unique and super practical: here comes the mini LED lamp with a USB connection. From now on, all gel nails fans can apply their gel manicure wherever and whenever they like. Thanks to the integrated USB cable, a plug is no longer needed. Simply connect to a PC or the power adapter of your smartphone and you’re ready to go. On top, the lamp cures the gel in just ten seconds per nail as the lamp only has to concentrate on one nail at a time. Ideal when you’re on-the-go or on vacation, extremely time-saving and with the USB plug, it’s ready for action at all times!

essence gel nails at home effect gel top coat
Effects, effects, effects… now also available in the gel nails at home range! You can now lovingly decorate your nails and turn them into true eye-catchers. The gel effect manicure is totally easy: first, apply the peel off gel base and cure underneath the mini LED lamp as usual. Then paint your nails in your favorite essence nail polish and leave to dry. Next, apply one of the five unique effect gel top coats and cure underneath the LED lamp again. If you like, you can leave out the nail polish step and let the effects be the star of the show on their own without any colour. Available in a total of five different shades and effects.

essence gel nails at home 3in1 nail oil
After gel treatment! Pampering care shouldn’t fall short with your gel manicure. The 3in1 nail oil with a practical ball applicator is a must! The 3-phase oil combines three benefits: it has a pampering formula that moisturizes your nails, strengthens them and promotes growth. It also softens your cuticles and can be applied after your gel manicure for an additional boost of care.


CATRICE News from February 2014 Ultimate Nails

CATRICE Crushed Crystals
Endless Nail Dimensions. 3D effects set new limits and are the ultimate trend. The new Crushed Crystals offer a brilliant and sandy finish. You have a huge choice of fashionable shades with high coverage ranging from taupe and rosé gold to classic red, pink and coral. The fine crystals cover your nails like diamond dust to create an incomparable structure as well as an exclusive and wearable nail design. Available in a total of six shades.

Squee~ I want all of them!!!!!!

CATRICE Ultimate Nail Lacquer
Colour meets Technology: an innovative reservoir brush and Gloss Booster technology for an ultimate gel-like effect. Unique features for sensational results. Thirteen new colours are joining the range in the Spring/Summer Season with an unparalleled shine – thanks to the “Gloss Booster” technology specially developed for CATRICE. With the innovative reservoir brush and its optimal circular cut, you can now paint your nails with just one stroke. The intelligent fibres absorb the ideal amount of nail polish required to paint one nail. No dripping, no unnecessary mess – the reservoir brush with rounded bristles saves the colour and ensures an accurate, controlled application. Now also available with various trend effects like the iridescent Holographic Flakes, the cosmic Mono or Duo Chromes and the Metallics. No matter whether you go for nudes or bright highlights – these nail polishes are sure to make a statement. Available in a total of 40 colours. 10 ml.

I'm really excited by these new nail polishes by essence and Catrice! I'm looking forward to seeing Catrice "crushed crystals", the pink sand effect by essence, some of their effect toppers and of course the magnetic top coat!

EDIT: I add the articles that will leave! so if you want some of them, don't wait!

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