Estée Lauder - Spring/Summer 2014

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Hi guys,

I have a post about many new Estée Lauder products for Spring/Summer 2014.
Last month I had the amazing opportunity to attend a presentation held by the lovely Estée Lauder Switzerland team where the new products were presented!
I wanted to show you a few pictures of them! I was able to try some products and for them, I will go into more details in an upcoming article so stay tuned!

Spring/Summer look 2014

Nail lacquer in Metallic Green (left) and Chocolate Foil (right). These 2 polishes were already part of EL fall collection called Molten Metals (swatched HERE). Lip lacquer in Peach Glass.

Bronze Goddess 2014

Squeeee~ Look at this gorgeous palette! The packaging is divine and it holds 5 matte (!!) and 3 shimmery eyeshadows! I'm a huge fan of matte eyeshadows. That's why I NEED this palette!
Sorry the picture below is not of best quality but I took it during the presentation so I did my best...

Lipstick Envy
This is a new range (launch date: end of Feb. 2014) of Estée Lauder lipsticks and belive me, they're amazing! I had the chance to try one of them (review coming soon) and it's one of the best lipstick ranges on the market: very good pigmentation, moisturizing (it looks good even when you have dry lips), and with a very good lasting power.

Have a look at the presentation video below!


And there are matching nail polishes!

Revitalizing Supreme CC Cream

Since the end of January, I've really started taking care of my skin. I used to be very lazy about it (shame on me, I know) but I've realized how important it is to have a good skin care routine. Now I'm very strict about it and I've seen such a difference in how my skin looks. That's why it's  very important for me now to use cosmetics that I love and Revitalizing Supreme CC Cream is one of them! I'll go into more details in an upcoming post.

So  here we are! As I said, I will come with reviews of the some of the products presented here, hopefully next week. So stay tuned!

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