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Hi there!

I have a special article today, very different than what I normally do!

Some time ago, I was contacted by Mont Bleu. Maybe you remember I wrote a blog post about this brand last Christmas? If you don't you can read it HERE. To tell you the truth, I really love their glass nail files. The quality is excellent and they are beautiful. I always carry the mini size file in my bag and use the regular size file I have when I'm at home. I exclusively use their nail files now.

Back to the email I got some time ago! I was asked if I wanted to take part in their nail file design competition. They had decided to involve bloggers in the creation of new designs for their glass nail files. I was quite excited because I was already imagining a file with a design I would love to have. But at the same time I was a bit shy about it because I'm not a designer and have no clue how to create such a design, especially as we weren't given templates or any other instructions. So I left it aside but a few days ago I told myself I should give it a try! ;D

So here is what I came up with!

I know the realisation is very bad. I'm sorry for that :D Don't judge the realisation but rather the idea behind each nail file, please!lol
I started by drawing a nail file on a paper, took a picture of it and then "tried" to add a pattern and some Swarovski crystals, Mont Bleu signature decoration.

For the first one, I started with a color I love: green! and what goes better with green than gold? Then I decided to go for a gradient and added pretty crystals.

For the second one, I wanted to something very original and something that I've never seen on any other nail files. I love black & white patterns and I know many of you also love them. I decided to add some red crystals because this color combo reminds me of the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland! And well, I love Alice in Wonderland! Finally I added some smaller silver crystals to add more sparkles :D

For the last one, I went in the same direction as with the 2nd design and chose a cute pastel galaxy pattern as background. The iridescent crystal were an evidence there and then I added smaller blue and fuchsia crystals to add a pop of color.

Vote for your favorite design!
For the competition, Mont Bleu asked to create three designs using Swarovski crystals. Now you, dear reader, you have to enter the game and vote for your favorite design. You have until Sunday 9 pm (GMT + 1) to vote. Once voting is done, I will send the design that received the greatest number of votes and submit it to Mont Bleu. Mont Bleu designers will then pick the winner among all bloggers who participated in this competition. The winner will have his/her design included into their Luxury design assortment! How cool! :D

Thanks for voting <3

Also, I'm curious to hear what is your dream nail file, what pattern would have you chosen?

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