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I'm super excited to share swatches of the new Cadillacquer's collection inspired by Sons of Anarchy!! This  collection consists of eight holographic polishes with amazing shimmer and duochrome effects!

Formula was consistent among the polishes. They were all quite pigmented and were opaque in 2 coats. They were easy to apply.

Day Is Gone has a dark teal base with many micro purple particles creating a strong purple shimmer. The color of this polish is actually very complex. It's hard to tell what color it is exactly. This is due to the complex combination of the teal base and the awesome shimmer.

Firinne is a gorgeous plum holographic polish. 

Ink is a deep sapphire holographic polish with blue shimmer. This one is stunning! It's so deep, so gorgeous!

Men Of Mayhem is a dark green holographic polish with shimmer that shifts from brown, red to green. I hadn't noticed the color shift until I had it on my nails and played with the lightening a bit. I was really surprised when I saw it could shift to brown! That's a polish I'll wear a lot this fall!

Yes, it's still Men Of Mayhem!

Patch Over is a strange bird. I'm unable to tell what color it really is. I first thought it was a khaki-army green color but then I saw it more as a brown polish. I guess it's the multicolor shimmer that makes it hard to tell. The shimmer is really strong in this one and has a main teal color. Whatever it is, it's gorgeous!

Redwood is a red-brown holographic polish with red shimmer. That's such a perfect polish for fall!! 

The Rest Is Silence is an aqua holographic polish with tones of small purple particles. The purple shimmer is really strong but super camera shy. I did my best to capture it but totally failed. Sorry! Moreover, the base color is a little bit more green than in my pictures. Ema from Wasting Lifestyle swatched this baby really nicely (see it HERE).

Welcome To Charming is a cornflower holographic polish with strong pink-purple shimmer. It also has some dark red-brown flecks in it. It's another stunner!

Madeleine from Cadillacquer did it again! That's another awesome collection with completely unique polishes! I love the complexity of each polish. I've worn many Cadillacquer polishes as full manicure and I can already see me wearing all of them this fall! :D I also really appreciate that they all have a great consistency and are easy to work with.

Purchase info
The Sons of Anary collection will be available September 5th (tomorrow!) on Cadillacquer store. Cadillacquer can also be purchased from several retailers (see a list HERE). You can follow Cadillacquer on Facebook

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