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I hope you all had a great start of the week!

Today I have a special article about custom polishes! Have you already dreamt about creating your own polish? If that's the case, your dream can become true thanks to Nayll! :D

With Nayll, you have 2 options: you can choose to create a shimmer polish or a polish packed with glitters.
You first have to chose a base color (it can also be a clear base) and then you can add different shimmers or glitters. To me, the glitter polishes are more interesting because you can chose from so many different glitters. A huge variety of colors, shapes, and sizes is offered.

Here is the link to Nyall website: HERE and HERE is the information that you need to create your own polish (video tutorial includeed).

Fun fact: you can name your custom polish and the name will appear on the label at the front of the bottle :D

I was able to create 3 custom polishes.

For glitter polishes, I used 1 coat of Smooth It Out Glitter TopCoat by Nyall to tame the glitters. It dries to a slightly matte/rubber finish. Compared to Glitter Food, I like it better because Glitter Food gives a too thick result and you have to use at least 2 coats of glossy top coat on top to make it shiny. Smooth It Out Glitter TopCoat gives a thinner look but is still efficient at smoothing the glitters. Here I didn't use a glossy top coat on top so that you can see the finish of the glitter top coat.

Elendil: I chose a Blueberry Jelly base and added the following glitters:
Bright Pink Holographic Hex
Matte Neon Blue Flakes
Turquoise Holographic Flakes
Sea Blue Holographic Micro Bars
Black Squares 
Black Hearts 

I applied one coat over Cadillacquer The Rest Is Silence (reviewed here).

Maiar: I chose a clear base and added the following glitters:
Black Holographic Hex
Matte Banana Yellow Dots :D
Black Squares 
White Flakes

Mirkwood is a shimmer polish. I chose the Tulip Teal Jelly for the base and added the Carbon Black Shimmer to make it look darker. I used 2 coats.

Nayll also sells their own polishes that are already made and available in their standard collection.
Mysterioso, available HERE. It's a very dark grey creme. I used 2 coats.

Holy Holo Top Coat, available HERE. I used it over Mysterioso. This top coat is really interesting. It's very thin, which means it's easy to layer over other polishes, it has a good amount of holographic particles, dries smooth, and is very sparkly! I LOVE it!

It's OK, She's With Me, available HERE. I used it over my previous Mysterioso-Holy Holo top coat combo.

Thoughts. I think the idea behind Nayll is awesome! It's really wonderful to be able to create your own polish and yet to name it! If you want to do a gift to a friend, it's also a great idea for a customized gift!
I personally love Elendil, Maiar, and the Holy Holo Top Coat!!

What do you think of Nayll? Are you ready to create your dream polish?

Purchase info
Nyall wesbite. Sara, the founder of Nayll, is super sweet and if you have questions or a request, don't hesitate to contact her directely on the website HERE using the contact form.

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