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Here I am with the latest A England collection called Elizabeth & Mary and inspired by two iconic Queens of British history, namely Elizabeth I (also known as the Virgin Queen or Gloriana) and Mary, Queen of Scots.

As always with A England, I was super excited to try the 5 polishes of this collection because A England is one of my favorite brands. Polishes are always perfectly executed, original, and well just beautiful!


Virgin Queen - Pewter prismatic hue with pink undertones and a complex grey/olive/copper cast, soft but visible scattered holographic effect. 
The colour is actually hard to describe. Sometimes it looks more brown, sometime more silver or even olive/gold. But whatever the color, it looks amazing!
I used 2 coats.

Gloriana - Chilli-Pepper red filled with fine & ultra-fine golden sparkle, vibrant and utterly brilliant. 
It has a metallic finish and is quite difficult to capture on camera. It looks really pretty  ;)
I used 2 coats.

Fotheringhay Castle - Lustrous olive/mossy green with a golden overlay and a strong prismatic shimmer.
This is one of my all time favorite polishes! I love the color, the subtle holographic effect, the gold sheen, the formula. In short, everything!
I used 2 coats.

Queen of Scots - Royal/Ink blue shade with a uniquely luxurious metallic/pearl/ satin finish - absolutely regal in tone.
It is no secret, I love dark blue polishes. And Queen of Scots is just amazing! It is this kind of lit-from-within shades with a velvety look (think Avalon or Perceval). It dries glossy and is a one coater (1 coat for the swatches). It doesn't stain your nails. Thisis my new go-to dark polish!

Crown of Thistles - Amethyst hue with a clearly visible and a hybrid defined/ scattered prismatic effect.
It's a very saturated shade, just gorgeous! I also love the name :D
I used 2 coats. It's mostly opaque in 1 coat but I added a second one to add more depth to the colour.

As you can guess, I absolutely adore this collection. Formula is perfect, the polishes are highly pigmented, and the colours are unique and beautiful!

Purchase info
A England polishes can be purchased from A England website (UK only) and from various retailers. You can find a list of retailers HERE. You can follow A England on Facebook.

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