Dior Kingdom Of Colors (Top Coat Eclosion - Silver Khôl)

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Hi there!

I'm super excited to share swatches of the new Dior collection for spring! It launched last week in Switzerland and if you haven't been able to see this gorgeous collection in stores yet, it should arrive very soon. I posted detailed information about the whole collection a few days ago HERE. So have a look if you want to know more about the Kingdom Of Colors collection!

Let's start with the unique top coat of this collection called Top Coat Eclosion.
I was very surprised and excited when I first saw it because it's the first time (at least to my knowledge) that Dior has released a confetti top coat. Considering it's a spring top coat, the artists of the Dior House created it perfectly with pastel glitters. These pretty pastel blue, green, pink, and yellow glitters scream spring to me and look really fun. 

Formula is excellent. The clear base is thin enough to deliver just a very thin layer on the nails and it won't make your nails look thick. The glitters are easy to get on the brush, you don't have to go fishing to get them. They apply beautifully and lay flat on the nails.
For the pictures I used one thin coat over Dior Sailor (reviewed here).

And here I used it over Dior Lili (reviewed here). By the way, on lighter colors, such as Lili, you can see the different colors of the glitters better than over a darker color.

And....I'm also head over heels for Sailor and Lili. Aren't they gorgeous? Dior nail polishes are really something! They all look gorgeous!

Stemming from Dior’s Backstage expertise on the fashion shows, the new Diorshow Khôls deliver tailor-made makeup results.
Diorshow Khôl vibrantly accentuates the eyelid and underlines the lower lashes with precision and intense color.
The star shade for spring, metallic silver, is a very unique color to add a touch of glamor to your eyes.
Diorshow Khôl retractable liner can create fine or broad lines. It can therefore be used all over the eyelid as a base, adding intensity to eye shadow or to obtain a perfect smoky eye in a single sweep.

Diorshow Khôl in Pearly Silver is smooth and soft yet firm enough to deliver a precise line. It glides across the eyelid very easily and has a very good pigmentation. 
On me, Pearly Silver provides long-lasting wear time. I’ve heard from other bloggers that some of the darker shades of this line had a shorter lasting power but I guess it depends if your eyelids are oily vs dry. 
I like using it to underline the lower lashes. This way it looks quite subtle and great even for an everyday makeup. When I feel more confident or want a bolder look, I love using it as an eyeliner on the upper lid. 
I love that it does look really metallic. It’s totally unique and in my opinion, it’s a must-have!

OK, I have to admit I'm sold on both the Top Coat Eclosion and the metallic silver khôl. They're both unique and really fun to use. I love that the glitters of the Top Coat Eclosion are rather small. Therefore, I think it creates a neat and clean look. I also appreciate the excellent formula and how easy it is to paint your nails with it. You just need one coat and you get instant nail art :D
The metallic silver khôl is the other star of the collection. I love that it's a true metallic and that you can create both subtle and more dramatic looks with it. 

Concerning the other products of the collection, I want the nail polish in Majesty, one of the Rouge Dior Baumes and the Cheek & Lip Glow, of course!

Purchase info
Dior products can be purchased from your regular Dior counter (e.g., Sephora, Selfridges, Nordstrom, Douglas, Marionnaud, Manor) or directly through dior.com.

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