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Hi there,

Today I have a nail art article! Recently I came across a gorgeous design that Camille of Pshiit did (she always does amazing nail art, that's true!) and she used the dry water marble technique to achieve it. You can see it here. I really liked the idea of this technique because it's relatively mess-free so I decided to give it a try.

For this nail art, I used 3 A England polishes: Queen of Scots, Tristam, and Dancing with Nureyev. By the way, at the moment on www.a-england.co.uk, you can buy different trios for £18.00 instead of  £27.00 (here). One of the set is called "Harmony in blue" and consists of the 3 polishes I used for this nail art.

For the dry water marble technique, you have to start like for a regular water marble. Take a glass of water (I used tap water) and let a drop of polish fall into the water. Take your second polish and add a drop. Continue adding drops of polish one after the other alternating the color. It will create concentric circles. When you're happy with the pattern, let it completely dry. Typically I let it dry for a few hours but I guess something like 30 minutes should be enough. When it's completely dry, remove it carefully out of the water and place it on a paper. Then cut small portions that are approximately the same size as your nails. And you've got your own nail decals now!
While waiting for the water marble to dry, paint your nails with the lighest color you used (here Dancing with Nureyev). When you're ready to apply the nail decal, add a layer of top coat on your nail. Wait until it's almost but not fully dry. Apply the decal you created and remove the excess with a brush dipped in acetone.

There is a very good Youtube tutorial HERE.

I really like this technique so expect more of it on the blog :D Oh by the way, I can't get enough of these pretty A England polishes! They're stunning!

Purchase info
A England polishes can be purchased from A England website (UK only) and from various retailers. You can find a list of retailers HERE. You can follow A England on Facebook.   

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