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Here I am with 2 collections by Supericially Colorful Lacquer! I have already swatched a few Superficially Colorful polishes on the blog before so if you want to see them, have a look here.

In Autumn Mood collection

I will start with my favorite collection,  In Autumn Mood. This collection consists of 4 thermal polishes, i.e. the color of the polishes changes in fonction of the temperature. If your hands are warm or cold, they look different!

The Autumn Mood collection consists of thermochromic shimmer polishes with light glitters. They change color at around 86°F/30°C. Depending on the temperature of your hands compared to that of your surroundings, the polish can create a nice effortless gradient right on your nails.  

Note of the seller - "Due to the nature of the thermal pigment, the thermal capabilities will diminish with time and the polishes will eventually remain in their “cold” variation. However, my testing showed that they still change color after 18 months and more".

All polishes of this collection dry to a matte finish. I added a top coat to make them look shiny.
Formula was easy to work with for all 4 polishes. They're all quite pigemented and I used 2 coats. Drying time is fast.

Unbe-leaf-able changes from dark brown-purple when cold into a a sweet hot fuchsia when hot. It has light white glitters in different shapes and sizes, translucent micro flakies and purple, red and silver shimmer.
I'm in love with this one! The "cold" color, the dark brown/purple is so deep, it's really gorgeous. And I love the purple-fuchsia combo!

A Summer’s Wave Goodbye changes from orange leaning red when cold, into a bright light yellow when hot. It has light white glitter in different shapes and sizes, translucent micro flakies and red and gold shimmer. 
This one would be a great Halloween polish ;)

All Fall Down changes from a dark brown when cold, into a light brown/orange when hot. It has light white glitter in different shapes and sizes, translucent micro flakies and copper and gold shimmer.  
I also love this one. As with Unbe-leaf-able, the base color is super deep and I love the shimmer and flakes in it! A perfect polish!

Buried Treasures changes from dark forest green when cold, into a medium-light green when hot. It has light white glitter in different shapes and sizes, translucent micro flakies and green and blue shimmer.  
Again, a super deep base color and a gorgeous warm/cold combo. It's another winner for me!

Fairies & Sprites  collection
The Fairies & Sprites  collection consists of pastel textured polishes, that are meant to be worn without top coat for full effect. For proper application, thin coats are recommended with plenty of dry-time between coats. If polish isn’t dry enough between coats, the polish won’t settle into the desired full textured finish and might cause dragging issues. The formula is a bit on the thick side but I didn't experience difficulties when painting my nails. The polish dries fast. I used 2 coats for the 4 polishes.

Nixie is a light blue polish with blue little glitter and micro flakes, blue and purple-ish shimmer.
To be honest, I was not sure about the textured aspect of these polishes but I was really happy when I applied Nixie. It has an icy look that is just really pretty. I actually really like it!

Shaylee is a light, soft green polish with green little glitter and micro flakes and green and gold shimmer. 

Eolande is a soft lavender with purple little glitter and micro flakes and purple and silver shimmer. 

Aideen is a soft pink with red-pink glitter, micro flakes and shimmer. 

Overall, I love the Autumn Mood collection because I love the colors, how deep they are and the addition of small glitters, flakes, and shimmer make them look different from the usual thermal polishes. So I think it's a really great collection, well executed and pretty.
Concerning the Fairies and Sprites, I must admit at first I was a bit less fan of the textured look but I was suprised and really pleased with Nixie and Aideen. I'm sure the polishes from this collection would look awesome in a mix 'n' match manicures!

Purchase info 
Superficially Colorful Lacquer can be purchased from SCL shop (HERE). You can follow Superficially Colorful Lacquer on Facebook

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