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I have swatches of the new Cadillacquer collection called Dreams And Dust and inspired by Game Of Thrones!!

I will just post my swatches and won't talk too much. I'm having a crazy week at work, super stressful and exhausting, and I'm almost already sleeping while I'm typing this...but because the collection launches tomorrow, I want to have the swatches up on the blog! :D So here we go!

As always with Cadillacquer, the formula of the polishes is great, easy to work with. And...all the polishes are beyond gorgeous!! :D

A Dragon Is Not A Slave - 2 coats. 
Holo + purple/copper shimmer.

Dreams And Dust - 2 coats
Holo + tiny flakes + green/gold shimmer that you can't see on my pictures.

It has some tiny flakes in it.

Kissed by Fire - 3 coats. This one is hard to photograph. It's a jelly with amazing red-gold shimmer and tiny iridescent glitters. The glitters are easy to remove.

Nothing Burns Like The Cold - 2 coats. It has a strong green shimmer visible in the shade. In bright light you see the holographic effect rather that the shimmer.

The Night Is Dark and Full of Terrors - 2 coats only. It doesn't stain nails.

Valar Morghulis - 2 coats. Hard to see it on pictures but it has tiny flakes in it.

Wear It Like Armour - 2 coats.

Where The King Goes, The Realm Follows - 2 coats are enough but I used 3 here. It's a pure teal polish. My pictures make it look too blue, sorry.

I can't say enough how much I LOVE this collection! As always with Cadillacquer, the polishes are really unique and of good quality!

Purchase info 
Cadillacquer's Dreams And Dust collection will be available tomorrow (March, 20th), at noon CET on Cadillacquer website for Swiss orders and on Hypnotic Polish for international orders. Llarowe and Lakilak will carry this collection but a bit later (no exacte date).

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