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Here I am with a new Dior product that was launched a bit earlier this month. It's Miss Dior - Hair Mist! I've always loved the idea of hair perfume and I was super happy when I heard that the delicious Miss Dior would be turned into a hair mist!
By the way, Dior already have J'adore as a hair mist so if you love the concept of hair perfume you have different possibilites ;)

"Perfuming your hair is a gesture as delicate as it is evocative. It dates back to the dawn of time, the indication of a mysterious femininity. Miss Dior proposes a new perfumed hair mist that sculpts a seductive elegance.
Miss Dior Hair Mist possesses true intensity, while keeping hair fresh. Enriched with active ingredients, its formula literally dresses the hair in a sensual trail."

The bottle looks is rectangular with the iconic houndstooth pattern on the sides.
Miss Dior Hair Mist shares many elements with fragrances in the Miss Dior family, including bergamot, rose, jasmine, patchouli, and musk. However the fragance is more subtle in my opinion. It leaves a very fresh accent.

Typically I use 2 spritzes and it's enough to leave a delicious trail when you move your hair or come closer to smell it. What I really like is that's it's  not too powerful, it's really subtle and just adds a mysterious aura to your hair. That's something I really really appreciate. If you know me well, you probably know I always prefer suble things so that's something that's totally suit me. In that sense, this hair mist is also perfect for people that don't like wearing perfume on a daily basis because they don't want to wear something that all the people they'll meet during the day notice that they're actually wearing perfume. Of couse, you can also pair the hair mist with a matching body fragrance, like any other Miss Dior fragrances.

It lasts about half a day. So when you use it in the morning, it's almost gone when you go to bed (you can still slightly smell it) but you don't need to wash you hair to get rid of it. In the morning it will be completely gone. This is another thing I really like. 

Finally it doesn't make your hair greasy, it actually doesn't change the texture of your hair, which is another thing that is great.

So in conclusion, I'm hooked on this hair mist and since I got it I've used it almost every day! This means a lot because usually I tend to get tired of things easily and in this case, I really enjoy using it! I'm also curious about the J'adore Hair Mist and I'll also probably get it soon :D

I will end this article with a citation of Francois Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator because it summarizes well Mist Dior Hair Mist.

“Perfuming the hair is an age-old gesture that is still just as elegant today, with just as stirring an effect. Miss Dior Hair Mist is discreet and appealing at the same time. An ‘art of seduction’ that is subtly diffused soon as the hair moves”.

Purchase info
Dior products can be purchased from your regular Dior counter (e.g., Sephora, Selfridges, Nordstrom, Douglas, Marionnaud, Manor) or directly through dior.com.
In Switzerland it retails for CHF 58.50.


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