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Hi everyone!

Avojuice by OPI has new hand and body lotions and I was lucky to try 2 of them.

The formula was improved to provide 24 hours of hydration. It contains extracts of avocado and aloe for a boost of moisture for smoother skin.

New formulization
Improved formula locks in hydration

New packaging

Upscale packaging looks good on vanity

Available in 9 botanical fragrances
Variety ensures everyone will find a favorite fragrance (all the different fragrances can be found here)

"Quench your skin with 24-hour moisturizing! - Protective hydration barrier locks in moisture - Smooth, silky moisturizers plus avocado and aloe extract help soften and nourish skin - botanical essences leave a clean fresh scent."

The main ingredients are water, glycerin (humectant), dimethicone (emollient), propylene glycol (humectant), cetearyl alcohol (emollient), liquid paraffin (mineral oil - emollient), and caprylic/capric triglyceride (emollient, skin-repairing ingredient).

The texture of the lotion is rather light and is easily spreadable. It's not sticky and is quickly absorbed.

These new lotions are perfect for everyday use. I have the 250 mL bottle on my desk at work and I like using it from time to time (once or twice a day). The pump format is fantastic because it's mess free and the bottle is always kept clean.
I also like this lotion because it has a rather light non greasy texture, it sinks immediately into the skin and it's NOT sticky. The absence of stickiness is great when you want to moisturize your hands during the day! However if you have very dry skin, this lotion won't be enough.  That's why I believe the lotion is appropriate to maintain smooth, supple and moirturized hands but if you start with very dry skin, you'd better go with something more moisturizing such as shea butter or combine shea butter in the evening and this lotion during the day.

Purchase info 
Avojuice by OPI lotions can be purchased in professional nail salons, certains pharmacies, and beauty supplies. For Switzerland, you can search for licensed retailers here. You can follow OPI Switzerland on Facebook
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