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Today I have a review of a lip product by a new-to-me brand called NoTS. NoTS stands for Noble Through Skin and comes all the way from South Korea. It's not a super famous brand but it seems quite interesting. It focuses especially on skincare and tries to use only high-quality natural ingredients and materials. However today I'm not going to talk about skincare but about a lip product!


The product I have to show you is NoTS Lip Alive Color Mousse in color number 5, Vivid Red. Vivid Red is a bright warm red with orange undertones.


NoTS Lip Alive Color Mousse is a liquid lipstick that comes in a beautiful metallic container. There is a window that allows you to see the actual color of the product. This is something really convenient and I like it! The packaging looks really sturdy and luxurious.


Vivid Color
Contains plant extracts that provide energy and rich color pigments make lips amazingly lively with a single touch.

Light as Feather Texture
Plant oil smoothly tones skin and velvety smooth mousse type formula fully covers lips for soft and attractive lips.

Long Lasting Effect
Vitamin E creates a lip protecting film for long lasting vivid, original color.

Hypoallergenic Formula
5-free prescription (free from artificial fragrance, mineral oil, tar, benzophenone-3, isopropyl alcohol) will not irritate skin; it is safe for all types of skin.

Main Ingredients
Oregano, Fermented beans, White cedar, Willow, Purslane, Cinnamon,
7 Flower extract, 8 Special oil

The fluid lipstick has a quite high viscosity but is really lightweight. I was actually surprised how lightweight is it. You don't feel like you have something on your lips.
When you apply it on your lips, it glides easily and feel moist. You can either use just a little bit of product for a more natural look or use it in a bolder way for a sexy look (if you use 2 coats). The finish is very glossy and it's super pigmented. It's not sticky and is confortable to wear because it's moisturizing. It lasts about 5-6 hours on me. I was again really surprised to see it lasted that long. For information there are lighter colors in this collection and my guess is that the lighter colors won't last as long.
Usually I'm not the biggest fan of liquid lipsticks. I always find them beautiful when you've just applied them but they usually fade quickly and doesn't last very long (at least the ones I've tried so far). But this NoTS liquid lipstick made me change my mind! It's definitely the best liquid lipstick I've tried so far. The only thing I noticed is that it tends to settle a little bit into fine lines around the lips but not in a dramatic way. You can see it only if you look carfully look at it when you're up close.

When I got NoTS Lip Alive Color Mousse in the mail, I also got a booklet with a presentation of the different lines of the brand and some samples. So I'm showing them here ;)

So....I'm quite pleased with this liquid lipstick. It's super glossy, well pigmented, moisturizing, non-sticky and last about 5-6 hours! I don't think I can ask more :D 
I really really like the super glossy finish associated with this bright warm red color!!

Now I want to try more from this brand!!


By the way, I got this product from  

Q-depot is an on-line retailers of various Korean cosmetics brands. They offer:
•    Free shipping worldwide for orders above USD 69.00
•    Any order below 69.00 will have a very low flat rate starting at 2.99
•    Over 15000 products and 25+ brands
•    Free worldwide shipping and 30 days free returns
•    Genuine and fresh products directly shipped from our warehouse in Korea
If you are curious, Q-depot has good relationship with NoTS and has a consignment warehouse in their place. For example my packaging was sent directly from NoTS warehouse. They have another warehouse in Korea for the products from other brands.


Purchase info
NoTS Lip Alive Color Mousse can be purchased from HERE.
You can learn more about NoTS on their official website (in English).

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