M·A·C Magic of the Night Collection for Holiday 2015

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Hi there,

Here I am with another gorgeous holiday collection! :D
This one is by M·A·C and as every year, M·A·C holiday collection is huge and stunning and includes lots of kits (lip kits, eyeshadow kits, brush kits and so on). There are so many gift options for Christmas and the pretty packaging makes it extra special!

Are you curious to see what I got?

In fact M·A·C holiday collection 2015 consists in 3 collections:
  • Magic of the Night Collection that consits in 4 lipsticks, 2 extra dimension skinfinishes, 2 eyeliners, 5 colourdrenched pigments
  • Enchanted Eve Collection that consists in different kits for the lips, eyes, eyes&lips, face, and 2 brush kits
  • Irresistibly Charming Collection that consists in kits containing mini-lip glosses, patentpolishes or pigments.

From the M·A·C Magic of the Night Collection I decided to take All Fired Up, a bright fuchsia in Retro Matte finish. This color is part of the permanent range but here it's available in a limited edition packaging (look at that metallic purple bullet!)

From the M·A·C Enchanted Eve Collection, I got the pink lip bag.


In the pig lip bag, you get: a lipstick, a lip pencil, and a lip gloss. They come in a stylish pouch. I really like the colored mirror detail of this pouch!

Just Wonderful lip pencil is described as a dirty mauve (limited edition). It has the same texture as regular MAC lip pencils. The only difference is the cool packaging (special cap). The color is pretty and perfect for a my-lips-but-better look and flattering for many skin tones. Lasting power is great, about 5-6 hours.

Frozen Dream lipglass is described as a medium pink rose (limited edition). It's a translucent pink with lots of sparkles and cool undertones. It's a bit sticky, which I'm not super fan of, but it looks definitely very pretty on lips!

Goodbye Kiss is a cool mid-tone pink lipstick with an Amplified Cream finish (limited edition) and the main reason why I got this lip bag :p To my eyes, it has some lilac undertones, which I didn't notice at first. It is very creamy and easy to apply and has a nice color payoff. Lasting power is about 5 hours.

All Fired Up

All Fired Up is a bright warm reddened fuchsia in a Retro Matte finish. This is a permanent shade. Considering it is a Retro Matte lipstick, it has a dry texture but it goes on fairly smoothly. It is opaque and last for about 5-6 hours on lips, leaving a stain behind. That's typically the kind of colors I LOVE and I also love matte finishes so as you can guess I'm head over heels with this lipstick!


This is a mini kit of Patentpolish Lip Pencil in shades of pink. It's an online exclusive set. Each mini Patentpolish contains 1.1g/0.004 US Oz of product vs 2.3g/0.008 US Oz for regular sized Patentpolish pencils.

This kit contains Patentpink, Kittenish, Fearless, and Pleasant.
  • Patentpink is described as a washed-out lilac. It's a cool-toned, light pink.
  • Kittenish is described as a mauvey pink. 
  • Fearless is described as a deep blue-pink.
  • Pleasant is described as a rosy pink. It's a raspberry color.
The 4 shades applied evently, are glossy and have semi-opaque pigmentation. Kittenish and Pleasant lasted about 4 hours on me and Patentpink and Fearless about 3.

I'm so happy with this Patentpolish kit because I love MAC Patentpolish pencils and I love the 4 colors in this kit! The 4 colors are part of the regular range in full size and I actually wanted to get Kittenish, Fearless, and Pleasant so you can imagine I was super happy when I saw them in this kit!

And here is  a comparison with a regular sized Patentpolish pencil (Hopelessly Devoted) :D

So I hope you enjoyed this post! How do you like this huge holiday collection? Did you pick something?

Purchase info
In Switzerland MAC products can be purchased in some Manor, Globus, Douglas, Jelmoli or online at maccosmetics.ch and manor.ch (at manor.ch, they still have many of the LE holiday items available). There is also a MAC Store in Lucern and Zürich.

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