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Last week in Paris was held the "Poison Girl launch party" around the new Dior muse, Camille Rowe. With its new fragrance - Poison Girl - Dior adds another variation to the mysterious and legendary Dior Poison fragance.

There are fragrances that need no introduction as they have become mythical and timeless. And Dior Poison, launched in 1985, belongs to this category. More than just a fragrance, it quickly became a phenomenon.


Dior restyles its legendary perfume

Dior Poison was created in 1985 in the hands of Edward Fléchier. This enchanting fragrance was synonymous with addiction and seduction. It was the result of huge work that required three years of research and over 800 trials. Its success was immediate and  without precedent. 

To spice things up Dior created variations of Poison. The most notable include Tender Poison in 1994 (fresh and vegetal scent), Hypnotic Poison in 1998 (based on vanilla), Pure Poison in 2004 (based on jasmine), and Midnight Poison in 2007 (based on patchouli). With Poison Girl, the House of Dior goes in a more girly and pop direction. 

Here is an interesting interview with François Demachy, perfumer and artistic director of Parfums Dior, that I found in DiorMag.

DiorMag: Did you have a woman in mind when you imagined Poison Girl?
François Demachy: It was mainly a question of character. I had a youthful image. A very determined woman, almost provocative, if not outrageous. My starting point was a mixture between this image of women and Poison, which was a real shock in the world of perfumery.

DiorMag: What is typical of Poison in this new creation?
François Demachy: It's an uncompromising perfume. It must be understood straightaway, we must immediately feel its soul. It announces all at once. I worked much on the top notes because I wanted them to be representative of the whole perfume.

DiorMag: To create Poison Girl, you mixed Damask rose with notes of bitter orange, vanilla and tonka bean. How did you get the idea to mix these floral and gourmand scents?
François Demachy: Today, in perfumery, we look for gourmand, sweet notes, which provide immediate pleasure. This gives very addictive and recognizable scents. For Poison Girl, I wanted a slightly different "gourmandise". At the center of all Dior perfumes, there are flowers, and I thought of a sweetness from my childhood in Grasse, where rose petals were soaked in sugar. So I tried to capture this sweet rose fragrance in Poison Girl, but with the drastic and radical composition of Poison.

In summary:
Poison Girl is the scent of a contemporary girl, free and sexy. 
The fragrance is composed of bittersweet orange notes, wrapped with Tonka bean and the biting sensuality of the rose of Grasse.

"Top Note: Bitter Orange
Heart notes: Rose from Grasse
Base Note: Tonka Bean from Venezuela"

Although the central theme of Dior Poison can be detected in Poison Girl, Poison Girl is quite different from the other Dior Poison fragrances. It is targeted towards younger women and is easier to wear in my opinion.  
Poison Girl starts on a very refreshing orange scent. This citrus note gives a very dynamic and fresh vibe.
Then the smell continues and takes a particularly feminine way. The scent is reminiscent of a huge bouquet of flowers composed of roses. Roses have always been a symbol of elegance and glamour and this gives me a very delicate and luxurious impression.
Finally the trail of perfume you leave in your walk brings a vanilla/tonka secent and an exotic touch.
Since I got it, I've been wearing it very often and had some friends and colleagues asking me what fragrance it was because they really liked it. Overall I think the fresh orange top notes combined with the glamour rose scent and the vanilla/tonka base notes make a very harmonious fragrance. I love that it's easy to wear, sweet but not overly sweet and that it still has a very, very deep and mysterious aura! It's not a common fragrance and it has something very unique.

Poison Girl hit the shelves in Switzerland on January 27, 2016 and is available in 100, 50, and 30mL bottles.

Purchase info
Dior products can be purchased from your regular Dior counter (e.g., SephoraSelfridgesNordstrom) or directly through dior.com. In Switzerland you can find them at DouglasMarionnaud, Globus, and Manor for example. 

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