Estée Lauder Spring/Summer 2016 - Press Event

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How about some news from Estée Lauder? Are you ready for all the spring/summer 2016 goodies?

Let's start directly because there are many new exciting things to come!

Advance Night Repair Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask

There is a new addition to the Advance Night Repair (ANR) family and the new member is a sheet mask. That said, it's not a common sheet mask because it is a foil-backed sheet mask. The aluminium foil creates a protective barrier, allowing the essence of the mask to penetrate fast and deep within skin's surface and helping to lock in moisture.

As you might know, I'm a huge fan of sheet masks (e.g., Evercos sheet masks reviewed here) and this is the first time I've seen a foil-backed sheet mask. And this is very clever! even super clever to avoid the mask to dry up too quickly and to help the absorption of the essence. I was lucky enough to get one of the masks so I'll do a separate review on it soon!

New Dimension - Contour & Define

There are 3 new additions to the recently launched New Dimension line (more info here). This lines already contains the New Dimension Shape + Fill Expert Serum (reviewed here), the liquid tape, a 2 contouring kits, one for the eyes and one for the face.

The new additions are the following ones:
  • Plump + Fill Expert Lip Treatment, a 2-step lip system for more plumped looking lip contours. One side contains a filler serum to help define the lip contours, the other side is a balm that gives hydration and conditions the lips.
  • Firm + Fill Eye System, a 2-step system that tightens, tones and smooths the look of the eye area. Step 1 contains a gel that help to firm the eye area, step 2 is a cream that contains light-diffusing optics to give a smooth look to the eye area. 
  • Tighten + Tone Neck/Chest Treatment, it transforms, tighten and tones the look of neck and chest area. It comes with a small device to massage your skin.

This lines now contains everything to really makes you gorgeous from every angle ;D You've got something for the face, eyes, neck and chest, lips, and the makeup part of this collection to help define your look and face.

Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond - Revitalizing Mask Noir

A new luxury experience is waiting for you with the Revitalizing Mask Noir.
This mask is like a real spa ritual in 2 steps. 

You first have to massage your face with the provided dry brush and then apply the mask, which is loaded with the Black Diamond Truffle extract, bamboo charcoal, gold and pearls. The  black color of the mask is due to the bamboo charcoal.

It purifies instantly the appearance of pores while brightening and exfoliating the skin to restore vitality.
Result is a regenerated complexion, fresher and brighter, and a skin soft as silk and flawless. This mask will bring your skincare routine to another level luxury-wise - and I want to try it! :p

NightWear Plus Detox Cream & Mask

Inspired by the famour Estée Lauder DayWear line, the new NightWear line uses powerful antioxidants to help purify the skin at night.

NightWear Plus Anti-Oxidant Detox Creme detoxifies, soothes, intensely hydrates the skin while you sleep. This is a refreshing, lightweight night creme. It contains many antioxidants to protect the skin from the signs of premature aging. It's formulated with the power of DayWear's proprietary Super Anti-Oxidant Complex to deliver deep, long-lasting moisture. It helps minimize irritation that can peak at night.
Honestly this creme seems amazing and I need to have a closer look at it! ;)

NightWear Plus 3-Minute Detox Mask is a clay mask that dries super fast. It draws out built-up impurities to liven up lackluster skin. Immediately the skin looks clarified and revived, with an unstoppable healthy glow!
I've just started using it and it's a very good clarifying mask. Again, I will do a separate review on it.

Double Wear Waterproof All Day Extreme Wear Concealer

Double Wear Concealer is hydrating with a comfortable creme formula. It creates the perfected look of flawless skin and lasts day to night. It provides full coverage that won't crease, streak or cake. Natural matte finish.

Pure Color Envy Sculpting Gloss and Sculpting Lacquer

Pure Color Envy Sculpting Gloss is an hydrating gloss that provides smooth, lasting shine with no stickiness. It is available in 13 shades in Switzerland (20 in the US).

Sorry I don't know the name of the 4th gloss starting on the right. 

Sorry I don't know the name of the orange-red gloss in the middle.

Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lacquer is available in 3 shades. It combines the creaminess of a lipstick and the shine of a gloss.

There are 3 colors available.

I haven't tried any of them yet but honestly, how gorgeous do they look?  I need Orchid Intrigue (I so love the color and the finish seems awesome) and might have to grab Flirtacious Magenta and Plum Jealousy, too!

Sumptuous Knockout Mascara

This is the new EL mascara promoted by Kendall Jenner. It lifts, separates and fans out the lashes for maximum lash impact.

There are also new eyeliners - Double Wear Infinite Waterproof Eyeliners - available in 8 colors.

Modern Muse Eau De Rouge

Eau de Rouge is a reinterpretation of the iconic "Le Rouge" with a floral fragrance based on rose.
In the same manner as all Modern Muse fragrances, Le Rouge leaves a dual impression.

It has a fresh rose scent combined with a blackcurrent and raspberry flavor. The second accord corresponds to a more woody smell including jasmine, magnoliac, vetiver, and vanilla.

Bonus pictures including upcoming cleansing products ;)

Purchase info 
Estée Lauder products can be purchased from autorized retailers (Nordstrom, Selfridges, Marionnaud, Douglas, Manor, Globus). For Switzerland, you can now buy online at Esté  

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