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I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It has been so sunny today here. It almost looks like summer is coming very soon!

Today I have swatches of my picks from Etude House Berry Delicious collection! This collection was released for spring 2016 earlier this year but it is still available.

The Berry Delicious collection is a HUGE collection with 10 liquid lips juicy (lip lacquer-lip stain hybrids), a lip treatment, lip scrub, colored lip jam, 3 blushes, 10 nail polishes, nail stickers, 2 eyeshadow palettes, 2 mascaras, a cushion foundation, a body scrub, a body milk, and an adorable bread shape shower sponge!

There are so many things I wanted from this collection but I had to restrain myself and at first I only got 2 liquid lips jucy and the lip scrub. Finally I so loved the liquid lips jucy than I ordered 3 others :D

Note that this collection is strawberry scented. Everything except the cushion foundation has a nice strawberry scent. The scent is  not a strong chemical scent but rather light and delicious. I think the scent is quite close to a real strawberry scent. I'm sensitive when it comes to scented products but I have to admit that the products I tried had a nice smell, nothing sickening and I really enjoy using the products :D

Berry Delicious Color in Liquid Lips Juicy

As I said there are 10 liquid lacquers in this collection. Below are promotional swatches of the 10 colors.

What are the Berry Delicious Color in Liquid Lips Juicy?

These are hybrids between a lip lacquer and lip stain. The color is rather vibrant with a good pigmentation despite not being 100% opaque. You can slightly see your lips underneath. Personally I like that at the moment because I find that the see-through effect is really appropriate for spring and summer. It looks fresh and cute.

Upon application they slightly feel moisturizing and then not particularly moisturizing nor drying. They are not like regular lip stains that can dry your lips out. I find them really comfortable to wear.


The applicator looks chunky on swatches but in real life it's actually small and allows for precise application. It's also easy to do gradient lips.


I call them lip lacquer - lip stain hybrids because when you apply them they look like a lip lacquer with a glossy finish but after a moment, the gloss fades and you are left with a pretty strong stain that lasts 6+ hours. Also a few minutes after application, they become transfer-free, which is really cool.

You can click on the picture to enlarge it.

  • GR701 베리 키위 톡톡 (Berry Kiwi Tok Tok): the product has a mint color but it turns into a cool purple-pink color on your lips. In my arm swatches, the color doesn't show well. On the lips, it's much more vibrant. I was actually very surprised to see how deep the color looks in real life on the lips.
  • RD305 베리 베리 머치 (Berry Berry Much): is a strawberry red (red with pink undertones).
  • RD306 베리 플럼 스퀴즈 (Berry Plum Squeeze): is a dark berry, red with pink undertones.
  • PK015 베리 트로피칼 드림 (Berry Tropical Dream): is a bright warm pink.
  • PP502 베리 비트 댄싱 (Berry Beat Dancing): is a cool purple-pink.

I really like the 5 colors I got but my favorite is probably RD305 Berry Berry Much. It's a color that suits any skin tone, brightens your complexion and gives a healthy look. It's even my favorite lip product of the moment! I've been using it super often! I also really like RD306 and PK015. That's the 3 colors I've worn the most so far.

Berry Delicious Lip Jam Scrub

What it is:  
It's a lip scrub that makes the lips feel smooth and soft by gently removing dead skin cells from the lips with real strawberry seeds, walnut shell powder and sweet sugar grains.
It's a gentle scrub that exfoliates the lips without hurting them. The exfoliating particles are trapped in vaseline. This avoids too much friction between the exfoliating particles and the lips and also treats the lips at the same time. It's the kind of lip scrub you can use everyday because it's really gentle.

Vaseline, Diisostearyl malate, Microcrystalline wax, Sucrose, Mineral oil, Walnut shell powder, Phenoxyehanol, Strawberry seed, Fragrance, Eclipta Prostrata extract, Ethylglycerin, Melia Azadirachta Leaf extract, Moringa Oleifera seed oil, Butylene glycol, Water, Raspberry fruit extract, Propylene glycol, Strawberry fruit extract, Cranberry fruit extract.

1. Order Strawberry Lip Jam Scrub. (How cute :D )
2. Apply the product, which contains lots of strawberry seeds, on wet lips in a gentle massaging motion, and then wash off with lukewarm water.

Personally I don't wash the product off. I use it at night and simply wipe the excess off with a tissue. The exfoliating particles are removed but you are left with a layer of vaseline on your lips :)

I'm really happy with the liquid lips juicy and the lip scrub. They are all awesome!

For the liquid lips juicy, I love the texture, colors, and stain left behind. I also love that there is only minimal transfer during maybe half and hour and then they become transfer-proof. I particularly love that the stain left is strong. This means you don't have to worry about your lipstick, it stays in place and the color stays vibrant. And importantly they're not drying. So yes, I highly recommend them!

For the lip scrub, I really like that it's gentle yet effective. You can use it everyday and it treats your lips at the same time. It's for example totally different from Lush lip scrubs that are in my opinion quite harsh although they can be handy from time to time. If I compare them with skin care, I would say it's like using a low percentage BHA everyday for the Etude House scrub vs doing a harsh peeling once in a while for the Lush scrub.

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If you're looking for Switzerland-based retailers for K-beauty products, you can purchase from and However they don't carry the Berry Delicious collection.

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