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Hi everyone,

Today I have a very special article about the New Dior Backstage Counter that opened on May 12th, 2016 at Manor, Geneva!

I was lucky enough to be invited that day at the counter. I could see how Michelle Fischer, national Dior makeup artist, applied makeup on the Dior model (I took step-by-step photos for you!), learnt lots of great makeup tricks about the latest trends, and discovered all the services that the Backstage Counter has to offer. 

I will summarize all important information about the new counter and the available makeup services in this article plus show you the latest trends with a step-by-step tutorial. Are you ready?

Flash makeup (eyes, lips, or face)
FREE - 10 min
To test a product and see how it looks on you.

Ombré lips
FREE - 10 min

Brow bar (trimming and styling of the brows)
FREE when you purchase for  CHF40.- of products - 30 min

Customized makeup
FREE when you purchase for  CHF120.- of products - 60 min

Private makeup lesson
2 sessions of 60 min each
FREE when you purchase CHF200.- of products.

To book your appointment: 079.588.82.73 (counter of Manor, Geneva)

At the  Dior Backstage Counter at Manor Geneva you have a whole range of makeup services available. You don't have to book an appointment but it's better, just to be sure that a makeup artist will be available for you.

I really like that there is a brow bar, an ombré lip session available and that you can even get private makeup lessons. The customized makeup service is also great if you want to have a perfect makeup for a special occasion. By the way, I have to try the brow bar soon. Moreover, Dior has just launched a new line of brow products so timing is perfect, isn't it?

We discussed about 3 makeup trends, one for the face, one for the eyes and one for the lips.


I think you've all heard about strobing but what is it exactly? It's a method of highlighting your face to achieve the perfect glow. It makes the face youthful and healthy looking and it looks more natural than contouring.

To achieve this perfect dewy look, Michelle mixed Dior Glow Maximizer with some foundation. This radiance-boosting primer looks really intersting and it has already landed on my wishlist ;)

For information, the girl having her makeup done is the Dior model, it's not me ;)

Then she applied some loose powder (Diorskin Nude Air Healthy Glow Invisible Loose Powder). This powder, although it looks pink, is a transparent powder with ultra fine shimmer. You don't really notice the shimmer on the skin unless you look for it at a really close range. The shimmer subtly helps brighten up the complexion by reflecting light.

Finally, Michelle used Diorskin Nude Air Glow Powder in warm light from the new Milky Dots collection as a blush/bronzer. Michelle suggested to use the same brush as for the foundation. There will still be a tiny amount of foundation left on the brush. This way, the leftover foundation and the powder will  mix to make a sort of creme blush that will look super fresh on the skin.

After completing the eye look, she also applied some highligher (color in the top right corner of the 5 color "Bain de Mer" palette from the Milky Dots collection) on the top of the cheeks, nose bridge, chin, and cupid's bow.


For the eyes, she decided to do halo eyes, which are super trendy. Halo eyes mean that the center of the lid is lighter than the inner and outer corners of the eyes. This way, the center of the lid catches the light and makes the eyes pop.

First step corresponds to the application of an eye primer (Dior Backstage Eye Primer). Then Michelle applied a light color on the center of the lids and added a darker color in the inner and outer corners. For the light color she used the color in the top right corner of the 5 color "Bain de Mer" palette from the Milky Dots collection and for the darker color, the darkest brown of the Dior Eye Reviver Backstage Pro 002 palette.

She took a third color (forgot which one, sorry), applied it lightly in the crease and blended the colors enough to give a smooth effect but not too much because you still want to be able to see the difference between the dark and light colors on the lid.

Finally she applied some eyeliner (Diorshow Khôl) and softened the line with a brown eyeshadow.
For the undereye area, she did the same dark/light/dark effect. And voilà, the eye look is completed! You just have to add some mascara (Diorshow Maximizer 3D lash primer and Diorshow mascara) and you're done.

You can use Dior Skinflash to catch any fallout and at the same time brighten the under eye area.


There are different manners to create ombré lips. You can either have the darker color on the inside of the lips or the other way round.

To create the perfect ombré lips, start by dabbing some Dior Addict Lip Maximizer to moisturize and plump the lips. Used as a base, the lip maximizer primes, smoothes and adds volume to the lips.
Remove the excess with a tissue. Michelle explained how important it is to first prep the lips. It's like for your complexion, you don't apply foundation without applying your serum and emulsion beforehand.

Then apply a little bit of concealer (Dior Fix It, 2-in-1 primer & conceal) on the lips before grabbing your lip liner. Follow by applying Dior Addict in Be Dior on in the center of the lips and finish off with some concealer applied lightly only to the center of the lips. The concealer mattifies and add volume and definition to the lips. Finally blend everything and you're done!

The final look is really fresh and pretty! I love it!

I'm adding also a few pictures of the counter :D

I also wanted to mention that I could really feel the professionalism of the all makeup artists present at the corner. Michelle really knows what she talks about and you can see that she loves what she does and above all she wants to make the customers feel at ease and make them happy. She really listens to what you want and doesn't push you in a direction that doesn't reflect what you are.
Moreover Michelle comes about once a week in Geneva to show and teach the regional makeup artists the new trends. So you can feel that the formation of all the people at the counter is a priority. This is important because it shows the effort they want to make to satisfy all the needs of the customers.

So I hope you enjoyed this special blog post. And don't hesitate to stop by the counter. Everyone is super friendly and would be delighted to discuss with you about new trends or to show you the new products! Or you could also try one of the available services!

Thank you again so much to Michelle and all the Dior staff for this fantastic moment! I really enjoyed it and will definitely come back to the counter very soon ;D

Purchase info
Dior products can be purchased from your regular Dior counter (e.g., SephoraSelfridgesNordstrom) or directly through In Switzerland you can find them at DouglasMarionnaud, Manor, and Jelmoli for example.

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