Dior All-in-Brow 3D - Brow Contour Kit

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Dior All-in-Brow 3D Brow Contour Kit

Eyebrows are one of the most important facial features you have. Depending on their shape, they can make you look happy, astonished, sad, cute or sexy. And given the fascination with perfect eyebrows lately, it's perfect timing for Dior to release a new eyebrow product, the All-in-Brow 3D Brow Contour Kit.

This new Dior All-in-Brow 3D kit was inspired by the expert techniques of professional fashion show makeup artists. It contains:

  • Two shades of powder to fill brows and create custom depth and an ombré effect 
  • One waterproof wax to set the result for long-lasting wear 
  • Three expert applicators

In Switzerland we have only the kit number 001 Brown. In the US, the shade 002 Blonde also exists.

I also went to the Dior Counter at Manor Geneva to have my brows done with this new kit. As a reminder (read more HERE), at Manor Geneva there is a Dior Backstage Counter where they offer different services, such as trimming and styling of the brows. I was very happy with the final result, my brows look much cleaner and defined but still natural. So I'm really happy :D

Concerning the application, I suggest filling the brows with the lighter color and then outlining the brows with the darker color to give more definition. The tail of the brows is especially important. Finally, warm a little bit of wax by running your finger through it, dip the spooly brush in the wax and brush your eyebrows. I always use gel to fix my brows so at first I was a bit disconcerted to use the solid wax, but eventually it also works nicely. It looks less shiny than with gel but more natural. Finally you can use Dior Fix-it Concealer (review HERE) around the brows to define them even more.

The powders are not very pigmented (that's the purpose of brow powders) so I think, despite having a limited choice of colors, the kit can suit a lot of people. The colors look pretty neutral to me, they don't particularly lean towards the warm or cold side, wich is again easier to accommodate the most people. But for sure, it would have been better to have the 2 kits (001 and 002) in Switzerland.
That said, I think this kit is really nice for defined yet natural brows. The powders set with the wax last all day and don't smudge.


In 2010, Dior created Diorshow Maximizer, their first lash primer able to increase the volume of the lashes. In 2016 Dior decided to go even further and reformulated their lash primer to enhance even more the volume of the lashes. 

The new Diorshow maximizer 3D primer is described as the exclusive Dior backstage mascara serum-primer for immediately oversized lashes and daily conditioning.

The primer promises instant effects when applied before Diorshow mascara: Volume is increased by three: 90% more curl and 38% longer (Instrumental tests on 21 subjects, comparison of bare lashes vs. lashes with Diorshow Maximizer 3D and Diorshow mascara).

Dior also claims that this primer is not only a makeup tool but also a lash treatment. When used daily, after 4 weeks, the natural dimensions of the lashes increased by 20% in a study performed on 30 volunteers. 

Moreover according to Dior, the white color of the primer help reveal the color and intensity of the mascara you apply afterwards. 

Ingredient-wise, the first ingredients of the lash primer are water, paraffin, C18-36 acid triglyceride, and carnauba wax. Paraffine is a waxy susbtance with occlusive properties. It stays on the surface of the lashes and acts as a barrier to protect them. It also retains moisture. C18-36 acid triglyceride is an emollient and carnauba wax a thickening agent obtained from the leaves of palm trees. So as you can imagine the primers really coats your lashes and protect them.

Therefore you can apply each day before mascara for immediate results, and on its own each night as a deep conditioner to pamper your lashes. It works as a sleeping mask for your lashes.

Purchase info
Dior products can be purchased from your regular Dior counter (e.g., SephoraSelfridgesNordstrom) or directly through dior.com. In Switzerland you can find them at DouglasMarionnaud, Jelmoli and Manor for example.

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