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Hi everyone,

Today is a big day, this is my first Pink Box review!

To tell you everything, last month I had the greatest pleasure to be selected as a Pink Bird to promote Etude House for 6 months. Etude House has an international blogger/Youtuber program where they send you every month a box filled with the newest Etude House products to try and review. Considering I love Etude House, you can imagine how happy and honored I am! :D

So let's start with this first box!

Recently Etude House has collaborated with the Korean brand Dear My Universe to create a box to celebrate the launch of their new pencil line, the Play 101 Blending Pencils!
In this box, there is a super cute and convenient Dear My Universe bag + 2 Play 101 Blending Pencils, one for the eye and one for the lips.

I didn't know Dear My Universe but apparently it's a famous accessories brand. They do super cute bags and pouches as well as phone cases and socks. You can visit their website HERE.

As I said, Etude House has extended its Play 101 line with the Blending Pencils. If you don't know their Play 101 line, I highly recommend you have a look at it because they have lots of beautiful eye, lip and coutour pencils.

The Blending Pencils line consists of
  • 25 colours that can be used for the eyes, lips and cheeks!
  • 4 different textures: Creamy, Jewel, Velvet, and Jelly.
  • They are smudge-free and are long lasting (except for the Jelly pencils).

#5 is a warm creamy beige designed to be used as an eyeshadow. Texture-wise, it's creamy and indeed super easy to blend. But once it's set, it doesn't budge. When I apply it in the morning, it's still perfect looking in the evening when I come back home from a long day. I didn't notice any creasing or other annoying things like that. So honestly, I'm really happy with the staying power of it. You can either blend it with your finger or with a brush.
The color is a beige with peachy undertones. That the kind of colors that gives an innocent and youthful appearance and despite being a cool-toned girl, it looks great so I guess it should work with most skin tones.

#20 is a bright warm red with orange undertones (on me it looks more red but I guess it depends of your skin color) designed to be used on the lips and with a Velvet finish. The finish is actually a true matte formula. It's in-between MAC matte and retro matte finish. On me, it almost looks like a retro matte but it's a bit creamier though. It is drying considering it's a true matte. I slightly tugs and pulls at the lips during application but nothing too annoying. And I have to add that the more I use it, the easier it is to apply, it's as if it becomes creamier.

I've actually heard that some people found it too drying but for me it's fine and as I absolutely love the finish I don't mind that's it's a bit drying. I actually want other colors from this line with this finish because I love love love matte lips!!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, #20 (contrarily to #5) is scented. It has a light flowery scent.

The Dear My Universe bag is really nice, it's cute but totally useable. It's quite large and is perfect to go shopping. There are 2 handles, one short and one long. It has an inner pocket, very handy to hide your wallet and is made of nice material. Overally I really like this bag.

You can either by the box with the bag and the 2 pencils or the different pencils separately.

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If you're looking for Switzerland-based retailers for K-beauty products, you can purchase from and

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