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Hi there,

It's still summer and incredibly hot here so sunscreen is absolutely mandatory!
I personally prefer mineral sunscreens and I find it not so easy to find sunscreens that I actually like wearing all year round. That's why I decided to do a short article about my favorite mineral sunscreens.

Something that happened to me a few days ago also made me want to write another article about sun protection because what happened shocked me like it is not possible!
So the other day, I went to the drugstore to have a look at some of their mineral sunscreens and didn't find anything that I really liked. Then the sale assistant told me (when I told her I didn't find what I was looking for) that I should basically educate my skin to become more resistant to the sun, i.e. go out in the sun everday without sunscreen and try to tolerate the sun each time a bit longer to get used to it. Then she continued and said that instead of sunscreen if I don't like wearing them I could take some tomtato pills because there is lycopene in them that are antioxidant. Honestly I was shocked because she kept saying a bunch of nonsense! The only way to protect you from the sun is to wear sunscreen, avoid the sun and wear anti-UV clothes. Of course, antioxidants are great but they're not enough to protect your skin from sun exposure.

As I always say sunscreens are SUPER important in your skincare routine! You just cannot imagine how much the sun can damage your skin and it's essential to protect your skin from these damages. Even when the sun doesn't seem to be very powerful, it can still damage your skin and you will not notice it immediately. It's only after years that they will become evident and at that point, you won't be able to do anything so we have to start caring about it now.

The sun's harmuful rays are the number one cause of signs of aging (wrinkles, brown spots, dull-looking skin) and it can also cause skin cancer. So yes, protection is essential and here are my 3 favorite sunscreens at the moment: Clinique Mineral Sunscreen Lotion for Body, Lubex anti-age UV A+B plus, and Innisfree Eco Safety Perfect Waterproof Sunblock.

Clinique Mineral Sunscreen Lotion for Body (SPF 30, UVA/UVB)
Obviously I use this one for my body. I always apply it before leaving the house. I also decanted some into a 10mL airless pump that I always carry in my bag.
I like this Clinique sunscreen because it's a mineral sunscreen and it's not thick or greasy. It's easy to spread on the skin, it's quickly absorbed and white cast is non existent on my fair skin. To be 100% honest, there is a light white cast when you start spreading it but it disappears almost instantly so it doesnt' bother me at all.
Before this one, I used an Avene mineral sunscreen for my body but didn't like it because it was super thick, goopy and left a crazy white cast. The Clinique sunscreen doesn't have any of these inconvenients and that's why I enjoy using it.

Lubex anti-age UV A+B plus (SPF 30)
It is VERY liquidy so if you don't like thick sunscreens, you will love this one! It's also a 100% mineral sunscreen. It's absorbed super quickly, doesn't leave a white cast at all. The only con is that it has a quite strong powdery smell.

Innisfree Eco Safety Perfect Waterproof Sunblock (SPF 50+, PA+++)
I've used many tubes of Innisfree Eco Safety Perfect Waterproof Sunblock with sunflower oil and green tea (SPF 50+, PA+++). That's my all time favorite face sunscreen because it's 100% mineral, not too thick, not greasy, it's slightly tinted to avoid white cast and it's rather unexpensive.
Unfortunately Innsifree has just discontinued it to launch new sunscreens. Among the new formulas, the Perfect UV protection cream triple care SPF50+ PA+++ seems very close to it. I will get it when I finish my current sunscreen to compare them. If you like Innisfree, they have another 100% mineral sunscreen: Daily UV protection cream mild SPF35 PA++ 50ml.

Bearly spread. When spread normally the 3 of them doesn't leave any white residues on skin.

At the moment I use the Clinique susncreen for my body and the Innisfree one for my face and love both of them so much! They're both close to perfect for me!

And you, what's your favorite mineral sunscreen? I'm always curious to discover new things!!


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