Cadillacquer - Banshee Collection (Fall 2016)

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Hi everyone!

Here I am with a new article featuring some nail polishes from the Swiss brand Cadillacquer! Cadillacquer will launch their fall 2016 collection today (9 September) at 11am pst/pdt at Color4Nails and it's already available at Hypnotic Polish.

The Fall collection is inspired by the TV series Banshee. I don't know this show so I'll just appreciate the beauty of the polishes :p

One word about the formula. The polishes from this collection are different from the other ones from Cadillacquer. Here Madeleine, the creator of Cadillacquer, played more with glitters and the formula are therefore thinner to let the glitters shine through the base. Most polishes required 2-3 coats, 3 coats being necessary for full coverage for some of them. Unfortunately I don't have with me my notebook where I write all the details of the texture and how many coat I applied so I'll update when I'm back home on Sunday.

Banshee is a dark wine jelly with different sizes of red hex glitters.
That the kind of jelly/glitters combo that I really like. It looks mystic and very Banshee-like ;)
I used 2 coats.

 Bloodlines is a light gray (with a touch of lilac in its base) polish with super fine holo particles, a gold sheen and small black glitters to add a special twist to the polish.
I really appreciate the black glitters in there because they add a really nice effect and the gold reflection makes this polish extra gorgeous.
I used 3 coats.

Homecoming is a blue polish with teal reflections and packed with thousands of small glitters including black glitters. There are also some holographic particles in the mix.
It's a super eye-catching nail polishes that looks mermaid-like but it has something very unique to it, maybe due to the black glitters that makes it more a grungy mermaid :D
I used 3 coats.

Little Fish is a medium blue-based polish packed with fine holographic particles and black, white, and red glitters.
OK when I first saw this collection, that's one of the polishes that immediately caught my eyes. It's totally unique and super gorgeous. That's one of my favorites from this collection.
I used 3 coats.

Requiem is a hot and bright red jelly with 2 sizes of navy blue metallic glitters.
This one is really bright and fun. It could look awesome in a nail art paired with a dark creme.
I used 2 coats.

The Burden of Beauty is a green-seafoam polish packed with fine holographic particles, light and royal blue glitters. It also has a strong pink flash.
That's another one of my favorites! What can I add, it's just gorgeous!
I used 3 coats, 2 could are also OK.

The Fire Trials is a clear base polish with many many fine holographic particles and packed with thousands of red and black glitters in different sizes.
I guess this one would look better when layered over another polish because here I used 3 coats and it was not 100% opaque. You can still wear it on its own but you will need 2 coats of top coat to smooth everything out and keep it glossy. That said, I really like how it looks on its own :p

The Thunder Man is a green polish with a really strong gold shimmer and lots of flakies.
That's another one of my favorites :D You know I love my dark green polishes!
I used 2 coats.

The Truth About Unicorns is a light lavender with holographic particles and flakes plus metallic red-fuchsia glitters.
It's a very delicate polish, easy to wear and unique.
I used 3 coats.

We Shall Live Forever is a dusty blue holo packed with blue flakies and holo glitters.
I used 2 coats.

Purchase Info
The Banshee collection for fall 2016 will launch today (9 September) at 11am pst/pdt at Color4Nails and has just launched a few minutes ago at Hypnotic Polish. For Swiss residents, you can write to to order directly from them.

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