Etude House Pink Box September / Pink Skull Collection (Part I)

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Hi guys,

Here I am with my second Etude House Pink Box (see the other(s) here)! As I mentionned last time, I got selected to become a Pink Bird, i.e. a international member of Etude House community that will receive a box filled with Etude House products every month for 6 months! Yay~~~~~

This month I got many products, including makeup and skincare, and that is why I decided to separate it into 2 blog posts: one for the makeup products and one for the skincare!

Today I'll show you the makeup part. Are you ready?

For fall Etude House has released a new makeup collection called Pink Skull. This collection contains 2 eyeshadow palettes, 2 blushes, 3 mascaras, 3 nail polishes with stickers, 2 lip tints, and a fragrance.

Picture: Etude House

I got one of the palettes (#1 Lovely Skull) and one of the Twin Shot lip tints (Funky x Skull Shot RD 304)! Look at this gorgeous palette and almost black lip gloss!

Pink Skull Color Eyes - PK001 Lovely Skull

How gorgeous does this palette look? It's super cute! It contains 9 pans (9x 0.03 oz/ 9x1g) with 5 matte, 1 satin with a little bit of shimmer, 2 metallic, and 1 glittery shadows. On each of them a heart is embossed for extra cuteness ;) As a reference, in MAC nine shadow palettes, each pan is 0.02 oz/0.8g so you get a slightly larger amount per pan. The overall case is of good quality and quite sturdy.

I wrote the name in English on the palette.

  • Twinkle Pink is a pink base glittery shade with a clear base. It's very soft, easy to apply and blend. I like that the glitters are not too dense. This makes is very easy to use in my opinion.
  • Antique Brown is a slightly warm tone beige with few gold glitters. Again really smooth and easy to blend with a decent pigmentation.
  • Romantic Brown is a medium warm brown with clearly gold undertones and a metallic finish. A very buttery shade, nicely pigmented.
  • Lovely Pink is a peachy-pink matte. It's not very pigmented and a bit difficult to build up.
  • Sugar Skull Pink is a bright pink. It's not very pigmented but you can build it up easily.
  • Velvet Brown is a red-based brown with a metallic finish. Absolutely stunning, it's pigmented and easy to work with.
  • See-through Beige is a dusty chartreuse matte. It's on the sheer side similarly to Lovely Pink.
  • Rose Pink Brown is a dusty neutral pink/mauve-y brick if that makes sense. It's a matte finish and not very pigmented. It's also a bit patchy.
  • Red Brown is a dark brown that is nicely pigmented. It has a matte finish.

So the 2 metallic shades (Romantic Brown and Velvet Brown) are gorgeous, nicely pigmented, buttery, easy to blend and work with in general. They have the same formulation as Etude House Look At My Eyes shadows. For information, Etude House has 3 types of eyeshadows in their regular range: 
 - the Look At My Eyes Jewel (glittery shades),
 - the Look At My Eyes (the metallic shades),
 - and the Look At My Eyes Cafe (matte shades). 
I have some of them and I find that usually their matte shades are a bit weak in pigmentation, their jewel shadows are super glittery and I personnally like the ones I have and the best are definitely their Look At My Eyes shadows (not the jewel nor the matte). All of the shadows from this line I've tried were buttery soft and very pigmented so among the 3 lines, the Look At My Eyes is awesome and totally worth it in my opinion. If I find the time, I have to show them on the blog!

I'm a bit disppointed with Rose Pink Brown because I like the color but unfortuntately it doesn't perform very well. So overall I like the design and choice of colors of this palette. Some of the shadows are really intersting, nicely pigemented and just great to use while some of them (especially Lovely Pink, See-through Beige and Rose Pink Brown) lack of pigmentation.

Pink Skull Twin Shot Lips x Tint - RD304

Recently Etude House has launched a new lip product, the Twin Shot Lips x Tint (you can read this great review by yummmiiee).
It's actually a dual lip product with on one side a mousse tint and on the other a gloss. Again the packaging is super cute! And that black gloss, it looks super intriguing, doesn't it?

The gloss part will give a purple-y pink color to the lips. The more product you use the more purple it looks. It has some sparkles in it but you can't feel them. I was actually shocked how moisturizing this gloss is. It feels actually oily on the lips, like YSL Volupte Tint-in-Oil. Honestly the texture and feels is really really similar to the Volupte Tint-in-Oil!!
OK, guys normally I would have been all about the moussy matte product because that's the kind of colors and texture I usually love but that gloss, seriously that gloss is the bomb! It's so awesome that it outshines the mouse tint! I've been wearing the gloss (without the mousse tint) very often since I got it since it's so comfortable and I love the edgy color. AND it also stains the lips, which means it lasts very long.

The mousse tint dries down to a matte finish. It's a red with pink undertones. As soon as you apply it, it looks slightly glossy and will tranfer but after it settles down (it takes a few minutes) it becomes totally matte (it kind of looks like a matte liquid lipstick!) and almost doesn't transfer any more. The product feels really comfortable on the lips and doesn't dry them. It wears for 5+hours.

You can click on the pictures below to enlarge them.

l-r: wearing the gloss only, the mouse tint only, the gloss on top of the mousse tint.

l-r: wearing the gloss only, the mouse tint freshly applied, the mousse tint after about 1 hour (gets matte), the gloss on top of the mousse tint.

Oh I forgot to mention that they are scented. Not sure what it is, a bit fruity and fresh but it kind of reminds me of bubble gum at the same time...
and yeah, you got it. I absolutely love and adore this Twin Shot Lips x Tint!! I highly recommend it!

Play 101 Stick Contour Duo #2

The last makeup product I got in the crazy Pink Box is their new Play 101 Stick Contour Duo in the shade 2.

That's a creamy contour stick that is pretty neutral in terms of undertones. The brown doesn't look orange and that's something I really appreciate because most contouring shade are really warm toned. The highlighting shade is really brightening (even for my fair skintone!) and it's not glittery, it's matte.
Another interesting thing is its size. The tips are rather small, which makes it easy to use it also for nose contouring. So overall I think this duo stick is really convenient and versatile because of the colors, the matte finish and its size! Definitely worth it!

So I hope you liked this post and see you soon for the skincare part of this Etude House Pink Box!!

If you're looking for Switzerland-based retailers for K-beauty products, you can purchase from and

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