Nail Art with OPI Washington DC polishes

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Hi there,

I played with the OPI polishes from the fall Washington DC collection. I swatched all the polishes HERE so have a look if you missed this post.

Let's go directly to the swatches :D

For the first design I used Never A Dulles Moment, a gorgeous yellow creme.

Then I did a reverse stamping using Born Pretty/Nur Bestens image plate BPL-026. By the way, this plate is full of leaves patterns! I love that kind of patterns :D - Nur Bestens is the German website of Born Pretty.

I also used Born Pretty/Nur Bestens clear stamper. Their stamper is completely clear so great for multiple stamping design. It's not as hard as Konad regular stamper but not as squishy as marshmallow stampers, it's in-between. It picked the design easily.

For the leaves and flowers, I used Stay Off The Lawn, Yank My Doodle, and Freedom of Peach :D

Link for the plate
The plate is pretty cool so I'm sure I'll reuse it again soon :D

Here are the 2 stampers from BPS/NB I've tried. They both have the same texture (not super hard but not marshmallow-like). They work both great to stamp, delivering sharp designs. You can either roll the stamp over your nails or press the stamper on the nails, both ways work.

Link for the purple stamper, link for the square one.

Note that the square stamper has a line at the bottom (see picture below). That's why I prefer the purple one because it's completely clear and that's hence easier to aim. But both work great.

For the 3 other nail art, I used a technique inspired by one of the video tutorials of Sveta Sanders. I published a video on Instagram if you want to see how I did it.
I used Pale To The Chief, Freedom of Peach, and Shh...It's Top Secret.

For the following nail art, I used the same technique.
I also used Pale To The Chief, Freedom of Peach, and Shh...It's Top Secret.

And the same for this last nail art. Here I only peeled off the plastic sleeve once and I peeled it with a swift movement. This ones is my favorite :D
I used Pale To The Chief, Stay Off The Lawn, and OPI by Popular Vote.

Purchase info:
  • OPI polishes can be purchased in professional nail salons, certains pharmacies, and beauty supplies. For Switzerland, you can search for licensed retailers here. You can follow OPI Switzerland on Facebook.  
  • Nur Bestens: Image plate (1.79 €) / purple stamper (1.98 €)/ rectangular stamper (2.40 €). 10% off Coupon code: VUL10 (working on items of full price. discount items excluded. Free shipping).

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