Yves Rocher - Couleur Végétale / Botanical Color Eyeshadows and Blushes

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Hi there,

Yves Rocher has launched early October a brand new line of eyeshadows and blushes!

There are 60 Couleur Végétale / Botanical Color Eyeshadows with 3 different finishes: matte, shimmery and pearly finish, and 10 blushes.

I'm not really familiar with Yves Rocher. I only remember when it was first launched in Switzerland, I was a kid and I didn't really liked it at that time because everthing seemed to be strongly perfumed.

But years have passed and I was curious to try the brand again! So last Tuesday I stepped into a store and had a look at their products, both makeup and skincare. And I must say that I changed my mind because they do have some interesting products! So of course, I grabbed a few things: a blush, a shower gel, a hand cream, and a body mist. I also received an eyeshadow and a mascara as PR samples so I'm going to review the blush, eyeshadow and mascara as they're new!

As you can see the pan size of the eyeshadows and blushes are the same, but the quantity is different, 2.5g / 0.08 oz for the eyeshadows and 4g / 0.14 oz for the blushes. For comparison, MAC eyeshadows contain 1.5g / 0.05 oz and MAC blushes 6g / 0.21 oz.

The eyeshadows are rather nicely pigmented. I quickly swatched a few shades in store and they seem good! The eyeshadow that I have here, Blue Agave, is not my kind of colors at all so I admit that I haven't tried to wear it for a whole day (I just tried it on to see how it performs) so I can't report on its lasting power. Concerning the application, you have to use a primer if you want to have enough color payoff. Without primer, you only get a wash of color and it doesn't stick that well to the skin in my opinion -I had too much fallout. But with a primer, you can get full color and the shadow stays in place without moving. With a primer, I had just a little bit of fallout but almost nothing.

In summary, for the shadow I tried (Bleu Agave), primer really makes a difference to make the color pop and stay better in place. The pigmentation is good and you can either pack it on the lid or blend it easily.
Each shadow costs CHF 19.90. During October, they are CHF 11.90. Moreover if you become a Yves Rocher member (ask for a loyalty card in one of their boutiques), you can get a 50% discount on the whole store for 1 month. So you could an eyeshadow for CHF 5.95, which is a steal!
I think the regular price of CHF 19.90 is a bit too much (especially considering that it's 9.90 € in France...) but as I said, Yves Rocher have promotions very often, CHF 11.90 is a reasonable price in my opinion so if you want to try their eyeshadows, I highly recommend to get one during the October promotion!

The blush I have, Bois de Rose, is a very natural rosewood color with some small silver sparkles in it. It's utterly gorgeous and I really like it. Pigmentation is medium. You have to apply 2-3 layers to get enough color. That's smething I personally don't mind with blushes as it's easier to apply without making mistakes.
Each blush costs CHF 21.90 and CHF 12.90.

1 swipe ¦ heavily swatched     ¦     heavily swatched ¦ 1 swipe

Below are some of the shimmery eyeshadows I swatched in store (sorry I don't remember their name).

I made summary cards for both products if you don't want to read everything :D

I copied/pasted all the eyeshadow swatches I found on the YR France website because I think they look really cool and can be helpful.

And finally, the mascara. The Vertige Longueur Mascara has a special wand with mini bristles.  The brush is so small and fine that it can easily hug even the smallest lashes. This comes also very handy for the lower lashes.
Its formula is enriched with Elemi gum that multiplies the length of the eyelashes and gives them a perfect curve.
I have to agree that this mascara does give length and curl the lashes very well. It's available in three colors: black, brown and gray-blue. I have the gray-blue. I thought it would look too much but it actually just give a little bit of color without overdoing it, it stays subtle. It's not 100% opaque unless you layer it. Charlotte of Mon Petit Quelque Chose has an excellent review of this mascara plus one of the eyeshadows and blushes.

Purchase Info
Yves Rocher can be purchased directly through www.yves-rocher.ch or in Yves Rocher boutiques in Switzerland.

*The eyeshadow and mascara are PR samples, other products were purchased by me*

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