A England Tennyson's Romance

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Hi everyone,

Today I have swatches of the beautiful Tennyson's Romance Collection by A England!

The whole collection is stunning, very elegant and just brilliant in my opinion!

The inspiration for this new collection comes from the beautiful poem by Tennyson: The Beggar Maid. This poem is about a king who fell in love at first sight with a beggar maid and married her. The colours are inspired by the extraordinary, sumptuous painting by Burne-Jones: King Cophetua and the Beggar Maid.
The common theme in both works is universal love and equality with humbleness in front of love and beauty.
The collection is composed of 5 holographic shades whose name are taken from the poem.

l-r: Angel Grace, In Robe and Crown, King Cophetua, The Beggar Maid, Shall Be My Queen.

In terms of formula and application, the 5 polishes of this collection were very easy to apply. Formula is perfect as usual with A England and most of them are one coater (how amazing)!!
For the sake of the swatches I used 2 coats for all of them. According to my notes, Angel Grace requires no matter what 2 coats, all the others could be worn with only 1 coat, as I said :D
I also wante to mention that A England always last very long on my nails, typically 6-7 days, which is pretty amazing considering most polishes start chipping or showing tip wear after about 3 days on me...!!

King Cophetua ia "a holographic blackened green delicately shimmering like a forest in the starlight."
I can't really see the green in it. To my eyes, it's more a charcoal holographic polish. And it's gorgeous! I really love this kind of dark shades and the scattered holo effect is sumptuous.

The Beggar Maid is "a complex hologram in medium warm grey with metallic sheen."
It's such a complex polish. The color oscillates between grey, steal, brown and there is even a gold and pink sheen at some angles. Gorgeous!

Angel Grace is "a soft, delicate periwinkle hologram suffused  with lilac blush."
As the description says, it's a beautiful cool-toned lilac scattered holographic polish. I've worn this polish last week and couldn't stop contemplating it! This color is quite unique, I don't have anything similar in my stash.

In Robe And Crown is "a dark lavish red garnet resplendent in its prismatic hologram light."
This polish is one of the most beautiful polishes I've ever seen. This might well be my all time favorites polish! Yes, you heard it correctly. I love it that much!

Shall Be My Queen is "a dazzling imperial red brimming with holographic particles."
Another beautiful polish! My camera couldn't handle it because it has so much depth :p

Purchase info 
A England polishes can be purchased from A England website (UK only) and from various retailers (for international shipping). You can find a list of retailers HERE. You can follow A England on Facebook and Instagram.     

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