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This is already my last review of Etude House products in the context of the Pink Bird programme! As I previously told you, I was chosen by Etude House last summer to be one of their Pink Birds (an international ambassador of their brand for 6 months). The products I will review here are part of what I received in my 6th Pink Box. As I really like the brand, I will continue to purchase some of their new products and either show them here on the blog and/or on Instagram :D

In this box, I received 2 different collections: the Lucky New Year collection that was launched in celebration of the year of the rooster, and the 3 new Color Contour Duo Sticks for color correcting.


The Lucky New Year consists in 5 "Color In Liquid Lips Juicy". They are lip lacquer-lip stain hybrids and have the same formula as the lipsticks of the Berry Delicious collection I reviewed here.

In this collection there are also 10 mono eyeshadows (6 mattes (the cafe line), and 4 shimmery).

I received 4 eyeshadows:
BR410 a neutral medium brown with matte finish
OR281 a slightly shimmery orange or mango color
RD305 a grapefruit matte color
RD306 a deep mahogany/red brown with matte finish.

The pigmentation on the 4 eyeshadows is pretty good with RD306 being the most pigmented. They are not powdery and are very easy to blend to create soft gradients. Honestly I really like them. Lasting power is also good, they typically last all day on me with primer.

The "Color In Liquid Lips Juicy" that I got is OR212. Although OR means it's an orange color, on me it looks pink, maybe slightly coral but not orange. It has a strawberry scent (the same as the Berry Delicious lips juicy) which is super yummy and not sickening at all. The texture feels soft and comfortable on the lips. Upon application it feels moisturizing and after a few hours of wear it doesn't feel moisturizing nor drying.
OR212 leaves a pink stain on the lips and last about 5-6h.


New Play101 Sticks! Yay~ I've already talked about one of their Play101 contour sticks for highlighting and coutouring (review here) and really liked it because it's creamy, easy to blend and just super convenient plus the colors look very natural.

The color correcting trend is really popular at the moment in Korea so naturally Etude House had to release its own version in stick format. They also have color correcting cushions if you're interested.

Color correcting can be very interesting if you suffer from redness, dark circles or have a dull complexion and want a little bit of brightening.

The sticks comes in peach-orange and yellow (stick #1), in green and blue (stick #2) and in lavender and pink (stick #3).
Each shade has a specific issue they are best suited to conceal. To master the art of color correcting, you have to understand the basics of color correction and remember that color wheel we've all seen. What is important to know is that colors directly across from another can cancel the other out.
For example, red is directly across from green on the color wheel. This means the color green will neutralize the color red, i.e. if you suffer from redness a green concealer will help even out your skin tone.

You can click on the image to enlarge it.

The texture of the 3 sticks is creamy, they are super easy to blend and don't feel greasy or cakey on the skin. They are pigmented, especially the blue one (be careful with that one as the color is really strong).

The colors I've used the most are the orange and green. The orange one is great to conceal your dark circles and it works really well. For reference I'm about NW15 in mac shade with normal skin. My dark circles are not very prononced but they can be more or less visible if I'm tired. I think the orange color effectively removes my dark shadows. The other color I've used the most is the green. I always tend to have redness on my cheeks and with this green concealer, you only need to quickly swipe it across the cheeks, blend it with a beauty blender and you're done. I think it works fantastic. I have to note that my redness is not super strong though but as it's quite pigmented I think that even with more pronounced redness, you should still be able to conceal it.

I haven't really used the blue and yellow color although the blue one can be great to brighten the sides of your forehead. For the lavender/pink stick, I don't think it's very useful for me so I can't really tell you more about it. I guess it would be more suited for people with olive complexion to brighten certain areas.

Beautifymeeh has a Youtube video with a Review of the 3 color correcting sticks if you want to see another review.

Overall I really like the Liquid Lips Juicy in OR212. The color is a nice every day color (almost a nude for me) and it has a nice texture with a good lasting power plus it has a delicious strawberry scent! The eyeshadows also have a nice texture, are basic colors but I must admit I really love RD305 (grapefruit) and RD306 (red brown). Finally among the 3 color correcting sticks the orange/yellow for dark circles and green/blue for redness are the ones I've used the most so far. They come in a very handy packaging, are creamy, super easy to blend and do the job very well! I'm less convinced by the lavender/pink because it doesn't do much for my particular skin type.

=> Other girls part of Etude House Pink Bird programm are (in German), Shia's Welt (in German), Memorable Days (in English), Chubby Lamb (in English), and The Beauty Snap (in English).

If you're looking for Switzerland-based retailers for K-beauty products, you can purchase from and

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