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Christingle sounds like Christmas and the holiday season and I might be a bit late to talk about this Lush product but I bought it at the end of last year and loved it so much that I wanted to share my thoughts about it here aaaand it's also still available on the Lush Swiss website so that's all good, isn't it?

Christingle is a body conditioner that is to be used in the shower.
According to Lush: "After soaping up and rinsing off, smooth this pale blue peppermint and menthol crystal body conditioner all over to hydrate and cool the skin. Jojoba oil, murumuru and shea butters nourish and soften, while the menthol gives skin a tingly sensation! Rinse off and you're ready to go".

It comes in a 100 or 225g jar. I have the 100g jar but I think it's already quite big especially as you don't need that much product per use so it should last you a while.

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of jar packaging because it's harder to use than squeeze tubes or pump bottles and don't like going with my fingers in the pot, but Lush seems to love jar packaging... Anyway it bothered me a bit at the beginning but I got used to it eventually.

It's an icy blue creamy product with a strong mint smell. It does contain peppermint and menthol crystals hence the scent and this is suppose to awaken and stimulate the body.

It also contains a large proportion of jojoba oil (second ingredient after water) and therefore it feels a bit oily on the skin. Typically after washing it off, you can feel this oily feeling on the skin and the oil takes a couple of minutes to get fully absorbed. Some people (like me) will not mind this because it's associated with skin moisturizing but others people might not like this oily sensation so that's something to consider before getting it.

After washing your body normally and just before exiting the shower, simply massage onto wet skin, then rinse off for a velvety soft body.

I found it more effective to step away from the flow of the water when you apply it otherwise it will disolve very quickly before you have time to massage it in your skin and I think you waste too much product.

Water (Aqua) , Organic Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis) , Murumuru Butter (Astrocaryum murumuru) , Glycerine , Fair Trade Shea Butter (Butyrospermum parkii) , Stearic Acid , Triethanolamine , Cetearyl Alcohol , Menthol Crystals , Peppermint Oil (Mentha piperita) , Spearmint Oil (Mentha spicata) , Grapefruit Oil (Citrus paradisi) , Cassia Oil (Cinnnamomum Cassia) , Lilial , *Cinnamal , Hydroxycitronellal , *Limonene , *Linalool , Fragrance , Blue 1/CI42090.
*Occurs naturally in essential oils

This in-shower body conditioner contains a very large proportion of emollients and moisturizing oils (jojoba oil, murumuru butter, shea butter, stearic acid, ceteary alcohol). It also contains glycerine, a humectant, quite at the top of the ingredient list so it will help attract water to your skin to bring hydration. Next it contains an emulsifier (triethanolamine, also a buffing agent or pH adjuster) to mix the water and oil parts together. Finally we have the menthol, peppermint oil and fragrant plant oils.

To put it shortly, we have jojoba oil and emollients (murumuru and shea butter) for moisturizing, glycerine for hydration, and mint oil and other plant oils to give it its distinctive scent. So yes, it packs a punch in terms of moisture! And that's the main reason why I got!

I bought it because I am always a bit lazy when it comes to moisturizing by body (although I'm super picky when it comes to my face :p ). And moisturizing your body while still in the shower seems such a great idea. In the past I've tried the nivea in-shower body conditioner but I haven't found it super effective to moisturize the skin so I was still on the hunt for the perfect in-shower conditioner.
I think that Christingle is really moisturizing and when you step out of your shower your skin is moisturized very well. You can still feel an oily film on your skin for a couple of minutes but this doesn't bother me at all and I actually rather like it because it gives me the sensation that my skin is wrapped in a moisturizing cocoon :D

- very moisturizing and effective
- quick and easy
- in-shower conditioner so perfect if you're a bit lazy when it comes to moisturize your body :)
- invigorating scent to either help wake you up or relax

- jar packaging which is not very convenient
- fragrance, some people can find it too intense
- the oil takes a couple of minutes to get fully absorbed so you're left with a film on your skin for a few minutes.

Would I repurchase it? yes, I would gladly repurchase it because it's very moisturizing and it follwos my beloved "lazy and easy" method!

Purchase info:
Lush products can be purchase online at for Switzerland.

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  1. I love Lush products but haven't tried this one. It seems very moisturizing and perfect for the lazy me :p

    1. Thank you for your comment! Yes it's very moisturizing and perfect for "lazy people" lol ;)

  2. J'aime beaucoup ta nouvelle Template, bravo pour tout ce travail, j'imagine même pas le stress que ça a été.
    Petit test de commentaire, car tu l'as demandé sur Insta Story (je lis tous tes articles mais ne commente jamais, pardon).
    Des bises et à bientôt.

    1. Coucou Andreia! Merci bcp pour ton message et gentils mots ;) effectivement c'était le coup de stress!!
      je te comprends, je ne commente pas beaucoup bien que je lise tous tes articles aussi. Commenter ce n'est pas toujours très pratique, surtout quand tu es sur la tablette ou natel :p

  3. Hi liebe Karine
    Ich hab leider noch keine Produkte von Lush getestet aber Christingle scheint richtig toll zu sein <3
    ♡ Dana

    1. Hi Dana! Danke vielmals für deine freundlichen Kommentar :D Es ist ein sehr praktisches Produkt!

  4. I love the sound of this! Awesome
    Pics to babe xx


    1. Thank you, sweetie <3 Happy to hear you like it!

  5. Good to hear that if you get a bit lazy this is a relatively easy solution :D

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

    1. I think we're everyone a bit lazy at some point >_<" so yep it's alsways good to have multitaskers :D


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