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Days are getting slightly warmer and it feels like spring is coming so what about swatches of the whole OPI Fiji collection for Spring/Summer 2017?
I posted some information about this collection previously, so please have a look here if you want to know more about it :D

This collection consists of 12 nail polishes available in 3 different formula: nail lacquer (regular formula), Infinite Shine or Gel Color.

Here I have a mix of Nail Lacquers and Infinite Shine but each color is available in the 3 formula, you can chose which one you prefer. Personally I think the Inifinite Shine last 2-3 days longer than the normal nail lacquers when you use the Infinite Shine base and top coat.

Coconuts Over OPI - "Go native and do Fiji in the buff with our suble and toasty taupe"
Used: 2 coats.
It's a nude cream but quite different than your classical nude, it has more brown in it. This makes it unique to my stash and therefore very interesting ;D I like the color.

Do You Sea What I Sea - "It's easy to sea why this shimmering blue is the right color for you"
Used: 2 coats.
I didn't expect to love this one as much as I do. It's so bright, summery and really reminds me of the ocean. It's also a polish that plays beautifully with the light, catching and reflecting it in a gorgeous way. A must-have of this collection!!

Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet - "They bask in their own golden glow, which is just what you'll do in this radiant yellow"
Used: 3 coats.
Super bright, super gorgeous, a real statement polish! That's also another I really like because it's so cheerful!

Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon - "Not just for blushing brides, this pretty hibiscus pink has everyone feeling the heat"
Used: 2 coats.
A very pretty and soft baby pink. The hands look clean and elegant with it.

I Can Never Hut Up - "And why should you? You're mesmerizing in this iridescent, edge-of-dawn grey"
Used: 2 coats.
A super unique polish! The green shimmer is not very strong but still visible and it adds depth! LOVE this one so much!

Is that a Spear In Your Pocket - "But of course everyone's happy to sea you in this lush, tropical teal"
Used: first coat is a bit thin but opaque in 2 coats.
Green and teal cream polishes are my weakness so yep, I love it :D

Living on the Bula-vard - "It's "Well Hello There!" up and down when this punchy red pops in for a visit"
Used: 2 coats but it's opaque enough to be a one-coater.
It's indeed a super bright red, very vibrant! It's almost a neon red in fact.

No Tan Lines - "What better way to complement a flawless island, than a warm sunrise orange"
Used: 2 coats.
I love the name of this one :D It's another super bright and fun polish. There aren't many orange polishes so I'm very happy to see it in this collection!

Polly Want A Lacquer - "The paradise perfection of this lovely lavender has island birds all a chatter"
Used: 2 coats.
A pretty soft lavender for those who love soft and delicate shades.

Suzi Without A Paddle - "Who needs one when you're up a creek with this cool and tranquil blue?"
Used: 2 coats.
A soft baby blue with a hint of mint in it, also very delicate and pretty!

Trop-i-cal-i-fiji-isitc - "Take a day trip to get lost and found in this bottomless reflection of Sea and Sky"
Used: 1 coat!
This is another favorite of mine, it's so vibrand and deep at the same time! Gorgeous color!

Two-Timing The Zones - "Why stop with just one? More zones mean more time to flaunt this vibrant pink"
Used: 2 coats.
I don't wear pink very often but this one makes me love pink polishes. Again very bright but deep at the same time, just as Trop-i-cal-i-fiji-isitc! Really really like it!!

And a nail art I did for Valentine's Day with Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon and Two-Timing The Zones stamped with Moyou London Holy Shape image plate 19.

Purchase info

OPI polishes can be purchased in professional nail salons, certains pharmacies, and beauty supplies. 
For Switzerland, you can search for licensed retailers here. You can follow OPI Switzerland on Facebook and IG.  

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  1. Great new layout!!! Congrats!
    I have had a problem with the IS of this collection they bubbled horribly!! The Infinite Shine topcoat was definitely to be blamed, but it was a fairly new bottle bought 2 months ago and used twice.... I had zero problems when I used a different topcoat. Also zero issues with the regular formula. But all that makes me wonder why is it that they cost so much more money????? The formula is more difficult to work with and they actually don't last longer than the regular ones!
    Btw, the comments work perfectly fine!!

    1. Thank you, my dear! I've also heard some people who had issues with the IS and others saying they were totally fine. I didn't experience any bubbles with them though. I actually wore one of them for 6 days ;) For me, the IS last slightly longer, 1-2 days longer than regular nail polishes but I agree the difference is not crazy.
      Also thanks for testing the comments!!


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