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A "more with less" generation in search of authenticity and infatuated with luxury and freedom. A desire for a healthier, more accountable and more ecofriendly lifestyle.

The world is changing. So Dior created Dior HydraLife , a pure concentrate of naturality. Minimalist formulas with optimal performances and environmentally responsible packaging.

A celadon blue sorbet creme, masks with jelly, balm and clay textures, a powder for new sensations... The pleasure is magnified. Incredibly sensorial and vibrant, Dior HydraLife skincare strengthens the skin barrier every day. The skin is fresh, deeply hydrated and vibrant. Naturally beautiful.

Dior offers the beauty care of tomorrow with natural, essential and extra sensory formulas, free of unnecessary ingredients, in eco-designed packaging.


A Belief
The active ingredients essential to the skin's beauty and health are found in nature's power. Using ingredients of natural origin in their optimal concentration, Dior HYDRA LIFE delivers global, respectful and lasting hydration.

A discovery
For the first time, Dior Science has looked at the skin as a living organ as a whole and now takes into account skin flora, the upper layer of the skin essential to its natural beauty. This absolutely revolutionary approach to skin is called metagenomics.

A promise
With HYDRA LIFE, Dior is committed to offering products that are gentler on the skin and more eco-friendly, to purifying all its products of parabens and minimizing the presence of silicone and petrochemical derivatives while ensuring their exquisitely sensory qualities. It has also undertaken to design environmentally-responsible packaging by removing all unnecessary elements – leaflets, corrugated cardboard and cellophane, by decreasing the weight of glass and by using inks predominantly of natural origin. In doing this, Dior HYDRA LIFE has managed to reduce its environmental impact.


Sorbet Water Essence - Deep Hydration
For the first time in a Dior formula, three actions are combined: the ultra-concentrated hydration of a serum, the toning effect of a lotion and the radiance boost of a gentle peel with natural fruit acids. A SPLASH of celadon freshness makes bare skin instantly beautiful.
This 3-in-1 essence, with its watery blue texture enriched with Mallow and Haberlea leaf extracts and natural fruit acids instantly boosts the skin's freshness and luminosity. The skin's texture is refined. The skin is smooth and clarified, while its original radiance is restored.

Sorbet Creme - Fresh Hydration
A featherlight sensation and unmatched freshness. This celadon blue creme with an absolutely refreshing effect is enriched with Mallow and Haberlea leaf extracts to nourish the skin and stimulate its self-hydration power. The face is fresh, as if glowing with health.

Three delightful masks, three sensational experiences, three results in 3 minutes flat. The same feeling of joy as they take effect on your face, the same radiant glow.

Glow Better - Fresh Jelly Mask
Its citrus-coloured jelly texture instantly boosts your mood. This mask works in two steps for energized skin, in just 3 minutes: a gentle peel with fruit acids (lemon, orange, maple and blueberry); a mechanical scrub with crushed apricot kernel micro-grains. The ultimate RADIANCE BOOST for an instantly energized complexion.

Pores Away - Pink Clay Mask
Never has a clay been so gentle and delightfull. Air-whipped, creamy and with a natural pink colour. Its formula refines the complexion, minimizes the appearance of pores, and mattifies the skin. The natural minerals and Jojoba extract help to rebalance the skin for purified, energized and protective flora. Once emulsified, the formula leaves the face feeling ultra fresh. The skin is HEALTHY and looks perfect from both afar and (very) close up.

Extra Plump - Smooth Balm Mask
A superfood cocktail for the skin. This blend of White Pine oil and plumping botanical ingredients distills its ingredients to nourish and firm the epidermis. Instantly, its creamy yet lightweight, peach-coloured whipped texture envelops the face, infusing it with a unique plumpness. The skin is intensely nourished and visibly PLUMPED.


Four ultra-gentle, INTUITIVE, radical products to purify skin flora and remove makeup from morning to night.

Cleanse / Purify - Lotion to Foam - Fresh Cleanser
Every morning, in one step, enjoy the purifying effectiveness of a foam and the  invigorating freshness of a lotion. Enriched with white tea and saponins (natural cleansing agents), its watery texture transforms into a creamy foam for a complete cleanse. The skin is clean, ALLURING and energized.

Gentle Makeup Removal - Micellar Water - No Rince Cleanser
Micellar water, the pleasure-infused version. This new-generation formula is uniquely gentle with a subtle fragrance for instantly removing eye and face makeup. At the heart of its composition is the antioxidant power of natural Echinacea Flower extract and natural moisturizing agents. The skin breathes, adorned with a ROSY GLOW. It is fresh, supple and rebalanced.

Stubborn Makeup Expert - Oil To Milk - Makeup Reomving Cleanser
As your fingertips caress your face, enjoy the unique experience of an intense cleanse that is gentle on skin flora. Rich in ultra-nourishing sweet almond, this luscious oil transforms upon contact with water into a delightful milky emulsion. Freed of any impurities and comforted, the skin regains its velvety texture. Effective on waterproof makeup.

Exfoliate And Polish - Time To Glow - Ultra Fine Exfoliating Powder
Extreme innovation: a super-exfoliant with an amazing transforming texture. Powder, then foam, it offers the most natural and most DELIGHTFUL exfoliation. The sugar extract refines the skin's texture, while the Lotus seeds polish its surface. The skin regains its inner balance and its radiance is magnified.

Launch date in Switzerland: March 17th, 2017.
I got some of the products and will show them in more details very soon so stay tuned! :D

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  1. This artice is really full of information. I wasn't aware of this beautiful line.

    1. Thank you, I'm really happy if you discover new products here! This line is brand new and I really love the masks and cleansers. They're woth it IMO!

  2. The range looks incredible. I've always been a fan of Dior products. I have my eye on the Sorbet Creme - Fresh Hydration. Sounds like it'll work amazing on my dry skin!

    1. The Sorbet Creme is pretty amazing! The HydraLife has always been my favorite Dior line and I really like the new formulation! :D

  3. The smooth balm mask sounds incredible; I love any plumping products! I didn't actually know about this line so I will be checking it out! xx
    Lots of love,
    Marina Rosie xx

    1. Hi Marina Rosie! Yes, the line is quite new! It was launched this month (or rather last month, in March ;p ). I haven't tried the balm but it's also on my wish list!

  4. These products sound so unique and like nothing I've heard of before. So full of information about them too, thank you for sharing such a great post!

    Ellie x


    1. You're welcome! I'm happy to share the good news ;)

  5. These products look and sound beautiful. So different to others on the market

    1. They are indeed beautiful! And yes, as you said, it's great to see Dior coming with new and different products! I feel like they took inspiration from the Korean Beauty world ;)

  6. These look like amazing products. I really love Dior packaging too!

    Lubz || LUBZSAYS


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