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Did you know that Zoya, in addition to their incredible nail polishes, has also a range of lipsticks? :D

I have 3 of them to show you so here we go!

The Zoya lipstick range includes 12 creamy lipsticks (14 on zoya.com). One of them is matte (The Matte Velvet Red) and all the others have a creamy finish.

Georgia is described as a delicious berry lipstick with a hydrating, satin cream finish.
It looks darker in the tube than on the lips and on the lips the berry shade (raspberry red) is much more visible. The finish is satin and it has a good pigmentation, one swipe is enough. It lasts 6+h on me leaving a berry stain behind. That's my favorite of the 3! I love this kind of shades and it's super comfortable.

Paisley is described as an ultra-wearable blush rose lipstick with a hydrating, satin cream finish.
It has strong mauve undertones and is less pigmented than Georgia. It's a color that suits all skin types, a very pretty nude color! It lasts about 4h on me and is also super comfortable.

Cameron is described as a creamy nude lipstick with a hydrating, satin cream finish.
It's a very pale nude with peach undertones. On me it doesn't look really good because it's too light and too warm (and also because I prefer bolder lipsticks :p ) but that's still a nice color. It's also less pigmented than Georgia and need a few swipes to get fully opaque.

In summary, I like these Zoya lipsticks because they're super comfortable to wear and they feel emollient (probably because they're creamy). Typically my lips were super dry (and I forgot to exfoliate them...) when I swatched them but they still look alright, which is a really good thing! I really like Georgia and I've already worn it a couple of times and will wear it again quite often. Paisley is also a great nude everyday lipstick because it's feels creamy and easy to wear.

And you, have you tried any Zoya lipsticks?

Purchase info
Zoya lipsticks can be purchased from Zoya.com. In Switzerland, you can find them on BeautyKosm.ch (official Swiss retailer).

*PR samples*

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  1. Paisley is a very beautiful and special color :) Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you like Paisley ;)

  2. Your pictures of these look so great!

  3. Wow Paisley est vraiment magnifique ! *-*

    1. Coucou Roberta! :) Merci! C'est un joli nude un peu différent des nudes classiques vu qu'il a des sous-tons violets!

  4. Je suis fan de Paisley !!!

    Kédidja | beautymoodboard.com

    1. Merci ;) Il est superbe pour un look casual, parfait pour tous les jours. Mais celui que j'ai porté le plus pour l'instant c'est Georgia :D


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