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Hi everyone,

A few days ago, I showed a preview of the revamped version of Dior HydraLife line (HERE) and everyone seemed really excited! I was lucky enough to get a few products and today I'll review them here. This will not be a very in-depth review with ingredient analysis like I usually do because I don't have them but I will rather focus on how they feel and how I like them. Are you ready?

With this upgraded line, Dior wants to have minimalist formulas with optimal performances and environmentally responsible packaging.
According to Dior, the new HydraLife offers the beauty care of tomorrow with natural, essential and extra sensory formulas, free of unnecessary ingredients, in eco-designed packaging.
Dior is committed to offering products that are gentler on the skin and more eco-friendly, to purifying all its products of parabens and minimizing the presence of silicone and petrochemical derivatives while ensuring their exquisitely sensory qualities. It has also undertaken to design environmentally-responsible packaging by removing all unnecessary elements – leaflets, corrugated cardboard and cellophane, by decreasing the weight of glass and by using inks predominantly of natural origin. In doing this, Dior HydraLife has managed to reduce its environmental impact.

Honestly, I am really happy to see Dior moving in that direction: cleaner, more minimalistic formula focusing on more natural ingredients and having environmentally-responsible packaging is something I am really happy about!

Sorbet Water Essence - Deep Hydration

This is supposed to be a 3-in-1 essence providing the hydration of a serum, the toning effect of a lotion and the radiance boost of a gentle peel with natural fruit acids.
Moreover, it contains some mallow (anti-inflammatory, soothing) and haberlea extract (antioxidant, increase skin elasticity and radiance (1)) for a boost of freshness.

It's a gel-type of essence that feels watery when you start spreading it. In that sense, it feels lightweight but hydrating. There is also a fresh sensation when you spread it across the skin and it feels overall very enjoyable.

The packaging is really elegant and modern. It feels super chic and fancy. The product is delivered via a pump, which is really convenient. I was a bit surprised the first time I used it because the pump delivers only a small drop of product and typically I have to use about 4 pumps (aka 4 drops) for my whole face.

It is scented. The scent is clean and fresh with some flowery background. The fragrance is quite present so if that's something you don't like, be aware of this. Personally, although I usually prefer unscented products, I actually enjoy using it because the scent feels relaxing and nice.

Overall I think this is a very interesting hydrating serum that feels very nice on the skin. I can agree with Dior with the serum/lotion claim because indeeed it's a serum but at the same time when you start spreading it, it almost feels like a first essence or a lotion (i.e., it feels very watery and hydrating). When I think about first essence, I always have this picture in mind: take a dry sponge, if you want to absorb some spilled water it will be very difficult but if you wet the sponge before (aka use a first essence to wet it), it will be much easier to absorb the spilled water. Same for the skin, if you apply a cream on top of a dry skin, it won't be able to absorb it correctly but if you apply a first essence before it will be able to absorb it much, much easier and better! Here I have the impression that this serum is useful in that sense. I don't have the ingredient lists but I guess it contains some humectants in large proportion. Dior also says that it contains natural fruit acids for a light daily exfoliation, I'd be curious to check the ingredient list to see what it is.

Sorbet Creme - Fresh Hydration

"A featherlight sensation and unmatched freshness. This celadon blue creme with an absolutely refreshing effect is enriched with Mallow and Haberlea leaf extracts to nourish the skin and stimulate its self-hydration power. The face is fresh, as if glowing with health."

Just at as the serum, this gel-cream contains mallow and haberlea extracts. Mallow has anti-inflammatory and soothings effects and haberlea has antioxidant properties and could also increase skin elasticity and radiance (1).

The creams is similar to the serum in that sense that they both provide much hydration and a fresh sensation and they have the same scent. The serum is more watery than the gel-cream that feels more moisturizing and feels a bit thicker. I guess it's formulated with more emollients and it feels therefore more moisturizing (while the serum is more hydrating). I can actually really feel the emollient part of the gel-cream when I apply it but it still stays lightweight. Gel-creams are my favorite type of "heavier" moisturizers (I don't like thick creams) so obviously I enjoy using it. Now I can't really say if it's worth the price or not (because I don't have the ingredient list) but I guess you can find cheaper products that work as well as this one. But if you like the texture and smell - I know this is a super important point for many people - and have the money, I think it's a great gel-cream.

Glow Better - Fresh Jelly Mask

"Its citrus-coloured jelly texture instantly boosts your mood. This mask works in two steps for energized skin, in just 3 minutes: a gentle peel with fruit acids (lemon, orange, maple and blueberry); a mechanical scrub with crushed apricot kernel micro-grains. The ultimate RADIANCE BOOST for an instantly energized complexion."

It's a jelly mask that contains small exfoliating particles. The jelly feels fresh and the particles are really small and provide a super gentle exfoliation. I think the ration jelly/exfoliating particles is well balanced because there is just enough to exfoliate the skin but not too many to be too harsh.

To be honest, I am super impressed with this mask because right after using it, the skin definitely feels smoother (you can feel and see it), clearer and more radiant. I didn't expect such a glowing effect! If I should recommend only 1 product of this line, I think this would be the one!

It is also scented and the scent is divine, yes! divine! I can't really describe it but it has an elegant touch that gives you the impression you're pampering your skin like if you were a princess. As I always say, I'm not really into scented skincare but here I think it adds to the overall experience and I really enjoy it. It's even addictive, dare I say.

BeautyMoodBoard has the ingredient list of this mask HERE. The AHA is glycolic acid, it is quite high in the ingredient list and therfore should be concentrated enough to provide exfoliation, which is confirmed by my experience using it. It also contains apricot seed powder (the exfoliating particles). So basically this mask provide chemical and physical exfoliation. Note that due to the presence of glycolic acid, you should not expose your skin to the sun because AHA can slightly increase the sensitivity of the skin to UV light from sun exposure.

Overall, super impressed by this mask and would highly recommend if you want a boost of radiance and exfoliate your skin!

Gentle Makeup Removal - Micellar Water - No Rince Cleanser

"Micellar water, the pleasure-infused version. This new-generation formula is uniquely gentle with a subtle fragrance for instantly removing eye and face makeup. At the heart of its composition is the antioxidant power of natural Echinacea Flower extract and natural moisturizing agents. The skin breathes, adorned with a ROSY GLOW. It is fresh, supple and rebalanced."

What I like about this micellar water is first the packaging, the dispenser makes it very user-friendly, second the scent is really nice, it reminds me of the glow better mask except it's much much lighter and very suble. The fragrance is actually barely there so nothing to worry about the combo fragrance and eyemakeup remover in my opinion. I didn't experience any stinging (luckily ;) ).  And third - the most important after all - it is very efficient in removing eye makeup, waterproof mascara included.

Overall, I'm happy with the reformulation of the Hydra Life range. The formulae look indeed much cleaner (from the ingredient lists I saw on BeautyMoodBoard article), there is less fillers and more active ingredients (I'm still curious about the ingredients of the serum and gel-cream but haven't been able to stop by a counter to check). So yes, of course, I'm super happy about that. Dior being Dior, the textures and how the products feel on skin are also super important and the products I've tried convinced me. I also love the design of the packaging, they look modern, young, fun, and still luxurious.
I think among the whole range, the product that I like the most and that I would definitely recommend is the Glow Better Mask. It really makes the skin smoother and brighter with only 1 application! I'm also super curious about the other cleansers (I want to try the foam, oil, and powder cleansers!!).

Are you planning on getting something or have you tried any of the products? :D

Purchase info
Dior products can be purchased from your regular Dior counter (e.g., SephoraSelfridgesNordstrom) or directly through In Switzerland you can find them at ManorDouglasMarionnaud, and Jelmoli for example.

*PR Samples*

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  1. The new range is amazing! I tried the powder and the balm mask so far and I loved them!!!
    Your pictures are stunning!!
    Have a nice day,


    1. Thank you so much, dear! I agree with you, the whole range is pretty amazing. I'm really happy that Dior made these changes and is going into that direction in terms of skincare! I need to try the powder!!

  2. The Sorbet water essence sounds SO good; I love deep hydration, so I will definitely look into that! x Fabulous post, what a beautiful line! x
    Lots of love,
    Marina Rosie xx

    1. It is! I like it, it's lightweight but very hydrating! :D Thank you so much, dear!

  3. Great post! I want to try all of these now!! They sound amazing and I love the packaging!!

    1. Thanks a lot, Rachel! The range is definitely really interesting!

  4. Would love to try the glow belly mask. Great post love all the items you've listed as well as your photos :)


    1. The Glow mask is my favorite, it makes such a difference :D thank you so much, Taslyn!

  5. Coucou Karine,

    Ton article est superbe et tu sais que j'aDIOR déjà cette collection ;) Tu me donnes même envie d'ajouter le sérum et la crème nouvelle génération à mon dernier haul !
    Des bisous,

    Kédidja |

    1. Coucou Kédidja! Merci pour ton message ;) Et oui, je sais que tu adores Dior! Tu m'as même fait craquer plusieurs fois pour leurs produits :p

  6. hello the first ingredients of the cream and serum are alcohol, what do you think about that?


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