Estée Lauder Pure Color Love Lipsticks - Swatches of the 30 shades!

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Hi everyone!

Today I have a very special blog post about the new Estée Lauder Pure Color Love lipsticks!

You know I'm a lipstick junkie and I love Estée Lauder lipsticks (see a breakdown of all EL Pure Color Envy lipsticks here) so you can imagine how excited I was when I received the complete collection of this new line! :D 

The new Pure Color Love lipsticks are available in 4 different finishes:
  • the ultra mattes - 13 rich and bold colors
  • the shimmer pearls - 5 high shine colors
  • the cooled chromes and  - 3 metallic and iridescent colors
  • the edgy creams - 9 creamy nude and bold colors
According to Estée Lauder, you can easily mix and match the different colors to create unique looks. 
Also according to my PR info, Naugthy-Nice, Strapless, Hi Voltage, Sky High, Sly Wink, Flash Chill, Rebel Glam, Moon Rock, Nova Noir, and Pocket Venus are limited edition, the other ones are permanent.

The Shimmer Peals are sheer/semi-sheer lipsticks with a high shine finish. Haute & Cold is more pigmented than the others. I wore 360 Flash Chill (it was the first one of the 30 lipsticks I wore to go to work) and 460 Ripped Raisin a couple of times and was rather impressed with their staying power. They lasted about 4-5 hours on my lips. They are super comfortable to wear  because they have a balm-like conistency. I think this finish is a perfect summer finish, it looks fresh and summery! 
I first thought that the ultra matte finish would be my favorite but I must say that I really really like these shimmery shades! 

The Edgy Creams are semi-opaque to opaque colors. You need 2 layers to get full coverage. They are creamy and therefore really comfortable. Again I was rather impressed with their staying power, 4-5 hours on me.
My favorites are 130 Strapless, 330 Wild Poppy, 340 Hot Rumor, and 450 Orchid Infinity. I've also enjoyed wearing 440 Hi-Voltage as gradient lips :D

The Ultra Mattes are seriously gorgeous. They have a velvety matte finish that looks super sophisticated. I just love them!
Among the nudes, my favorite is 110 Raw Sugar, it's the more brown of the 3 (110 Blasé Buff is more peach and 200 Proven Innocent is more pink). My other favorites are 320 Burning Love, 230 Juiced Up, 310 Bar Red (the most perfect matte red ever!), 120 Rose Excess, and 410 Love Object. 420 Up Beet (the darkest shade) looks a bit dry on me but it was the 16th lipstick I swatched so yes my lips were getting really dry. I've tried it in normal conditions and it looks fine.
Although they're matte, they are not drying. They are more creamy than Mac retro mattes for example. They last typically 6+hours on me, the nudes last less, something like 4-5h.

And finally the Cool Chromes are sheer colors packed with tiny glitters. The glitters are so small you can't feel them on the lips, they don't feel gritty at all and are therefore comfortable. 
370 Pocket Venus and 480 Nova Noir are wearable on their own. I particularly love Pocket Venus and it looks also awesome over a matte red (perfect xmas lips!) ;) I'm less convinced by 470 Moon Rock, I don't really like it on its own nor layered, but that's actually the only one on 30 lipsticks I wouldn't wear so not bad :D

And finally here is a combo layering an ultra matte and a cool chrome! ;D I really love Love Object on its own but I also love how different it looks with Nova Noir on top! What do you think?

So overall I really love these new Pure Color Love lipsticks. I think the 4 finishes are super comfortable and I love the range of colors available. There are many nudes in both the cream and matte formula. I also really like the shimmery shades, they're perfect for summer in my opinion. I'm also very happy with the darker shades in the matte finish!
The shape of the bullet is also very unique and I actually like it, it's easier to use than what I first thought! 

So I hope you enjoyed this post! Tell me if you have already bought some of them or which one is your favorite!

Purchase info 
Estée Lauder products can be purchased from autorized retailers (NordstromSelfridges, Marionnaud, Douglas, Manor, Globus). For Switzerland, you can now buy online at Esté   

*PR samples*

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  1. Wow what a gorgeous collection!! I love that there are different formulas, something to suit everyone!


    1. Exactly! I also love the different formulas, they're all different but all beautiful. I didn't expect to love the shimmery shades as much as I actually do!

  2. WOW ! These look so amazing and you have quite the collection there :) xxx They seem to have covered all the different textures and colours there :) soo tempted!


    1. That's a beautiful collection, I agree :D I was very lucky to get them! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. What a gorgeous lipstick line! I may have written down twelve shades to test for myself. Your swatches are beautiful.

    Billie |

    1. Thank you so much! :) Happy to hear your like them!

  4. This is a gorgeous collection!!

    1. I know, right? I love all the different colors and finishes!

  5. Omg, this collection is giving me serious FOMO! I love all the reddish shades. Burning Love is something that's calling out to me!

    Lubz ||

    1. Hi dear, thanks for stopping by! I also love Burning Love, it's one of my favorite colors, too! You've got the best tastes ;)

  6. WOW! A COMPLETE collection?!!!! I'd die if I got something like that. (Maybe that's why I don't. xD ) Great photos!

    1. You can't imagine how I felt when I saw them all! I couldn't believe my eyes and was so happy ;) Thanks a lot!


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