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Today I wanted to show you 2 mascaras I've been loving at the moment. A main reason why I love both: they're budge-proof and last all day without smudging, transferring or crumbling. If it rains and you get water in the eyes, it's not a problem either. One of them gives crazy volume (Dior Pump'n'Volume) while the other define the lashes perfectly (Clinique Flutter-to-Full).

Dior Dioshow Pum'n'Volume Mascara
- Instant Volume Squeezable Mascara -

This mascara was released last spring and I've been using it ever since. I've already talked a few times about this mascara but I haven't reviewed it properly on the blog yet. So here we go! I especially want to show it here because it's definitely one of my favorite mascaras at the moment. 

This mascara is endorsed by the gorgeous Bella Hadid and I must say I really love her makeup for this campaign. Who hasn't dreamed of having such amazing lashes? :D

First thing interesting about this mascara is it's squeezable tube. When squeezing, you soften the formula and get a creamy volumizing effect that create really thick lashes without clumping.
In other words, if you want more product on the mascara wand for a dramatic look, squeeze the tube once or twice, if you want something more sublte you can apply it directly without pressing the tube. To squeeze or not to squeeze, that is the question!
Another intresting point is that after using your mascara for a certain amout of time, it usually tends to get more difficult to work with because the product starts drying. Here when you squeeze the tube, you warm up the matter and it gets less viscous and therefore easier to apply and you can use it longer.

I also like the want because it doesn't have a huge brush, it's flexible and makes it very easily to apply mascara.

First time I tried it, I must say I was "wowing" while applying it because it indeed gives a lot of volume! I think it also gives length. To be honest it almost looks like you had applied false lashes. I can't really talked about the curl because I don't curl my lashes and that's not something I can't evaluate. If you squeeze the tube once or twice and apply 2 coats, it indeed creates thick lashes without clumping. If you use more product, you have to be careful because it can clump but I think that with 2 coats and 1-2 squeezes, it already gives a crazy effect and you don't need more.
It's not stated to be waterproof but when I started wearing it, one day I got a big fat rain drop in my eyes and was sure I would look like a panada but no, it didn't budge or transfer! It doesn't crumbles or transfer at the end of day and that's a reason why I really like it! You don't have to worry about it, it will stay put throughout the day!
Also I thought it was a tubing mascara because when I don't use much product, when I remove it, all I get is tiny bits of mascara like you would with a tubing mascara and also because it is so budge-proof but when I use more product, you get some black on your cotton pad so in the end, I'm not sure. But anway, it's a totally smudge-free mascara and I love that!

Take-home messagae: if you want a crazy volume and a budge-proof formula, don't look further!

Bonus: Dior launched new palettes with the Pump'n'Volume and I got 767 Inflame. Oh my, how much I love those colors!! As I've already told so much these past 2 years, I think Dior has really improved their eyeshadow formula. They're more pigmented and I honstly love this one so much. It's very versatile and it's easy to use everyday. You can also easily intensify the look for an evening or more sophisticated makeup.

#1 (middle) a soft matte brick with organe undertones. Pigmentation is really good and it's not powdery.
#2 (upper left corner) a pink shimmer champagne. It's not formulated with large glitter particles but is very eye-catching.
#3 (upper right corner) a shimmery white gold. Again here the shimmer is fine and it doesn't look overly glittery.
#4 (lower left corner) a medium metallic red brown.
#5 (lower right corner) a dark brown with purple undertones. If you use it wet, you get a more metallic purple effect.
Swatches are with dry eyeshadows on bare skin.

Clinique Lash Power Flutter-to-Full Mascara

The second mascara that I enjoy using at the moment is the new addition to Clinique mascara family, the Lash Power Flutter-to-Full Mascra.
As the name suggests, you can create different looks with it. Either something subtle and perfect for everyday or something more dramatic. How to do so? With a twist of the barrel, you can adapt the volume from flirty to full-on phenomenal. When you twist the barrel you will load the brush more or less and hence get a different look.

What I love about it: it does not budge, does not smudge, does not transfer onto the lower eye area. It is actually a tubing mascara that coats the lashes and stays put throughout the day. To remove it, the best is to use warm watter and gently press on your eyes with a cotton pad to remove everything.

To be honest, I haven't noticed a huge difference between the 3 options (flutter-to-full). The first position gives really natural but better defined lashes while the 3rd one gives indeed a bit more volume but for me, the big plus of this mascara is the perfect formula and the easy to use brush.

Take-home messagae: this mascra really separate the lashes, coat them evently and doesn't clump them. Formula is budge-proof and stays put throughout the day. If you want perfectly defined lashes, this one is for you. If you compare it to the Dior Pump'n'Volume it provides less volume but better separation.

Bonus: Clinique has launched new eyeliners, the High Impact Custom Black Kajals. There are 4 dark colors: blue, green, brown, and black. I got the blue one called 04 Blackened Blue.
OK, I admit that I don't use eyeliner everyday and I'm not an eyeliner expert, but I've tried this one and I like it because it didn't irritate my eyes (while wearing and while removing it). It also stays put all day. Clinique says it's appropriate for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

So overall I reallly love both mascaras because they're both budge-proof and I don't have to worry, they'll stay put throughout the day. When I want volume, I go for the Dior Pum'n'Volume while when I want more definition and a less dramatic volume, I go for the Clinique Flutter-to-Full mascara. I think they're both complementary in that sense. And you, what's your favorite mascara at the moment?

Purchase info
Dior products can be purchased from your regular Dior counter (e.g., SephoraSelfridgesNordstrom) or directly through In Switzerland you can find them at ManorDouglasMarionnaud, and Jelmoli for example.

Clinique products can be purchased from authorized retailers (Sephora, Nordstrom, Selfriges, and Marionnaud, Douglas or Manor). You can also buy online directly from (international) or (Switzerland).

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  1. I never tried products from Dior, I have to give these a try!

    xx, The Makeup Feed

    1. The mascara is really worth it in my opinion! :D

  2. Seems like a great mascara! I need both length and volume as well so this sounds perf!!!

    x Helen

    1. It is indeed! The volume is definitely there with this mascara and I like that you can actually chose the amount of volume you want by squeezing the tube once, twice or not at all.

  3. The Dior mascara sounds like exactly what I look for! My lases are naturally pretty long so I love plumping up the volume.

    Billie | Other Summers

    1. Yay, good news! It seems like a perfect mascara for you ;)

  4. great post


  5. I need a new mascara so I'm glad I've read this post! I've been really tempted by the Dior one....might have to treat myself :P Great post xx

    1. Thanks a lot ;) If you want volume the Dior is really great, if you want more definition the Clinique is the one!

  6. I'm loving the sound of the pump'n'volume mascara! I love the idea of squeezing the tube for different amounts of product and to help it last longer. It sounds like the perfect mascara.

    Ellie x

    1. It's a great idea, isn't it? I love it when brands come up with something different!

  7. Such a detailed post as usual gorgeous! xx I love Dior and that mascara is perfect - I love that the wand isn't too massive so you can really get into the crevices! And the fact that you can control the amount of product is amazing! Haha, you're right - Bella Hadid's lashes are stunning!
    Marina x

    1. Thanks a lot, my dear! I also love that even if it's a volumizing mascara they didn't go for a huuuge brush. I don't really like super big brushes.

  8. Love this review. I've never tried many Dior products but I'm always on the hunt for a new mascara! May need to try it! xx

    1. It's a good introduction to the brand in my opinion :) and you can't really go wrong with it!

  9. Ah I'm dying over the Dior palette, the colors are beautiful! The mascara sounds really nice too, I especially like the concept of the squeezable tubes! The Clinique mascara reminds me a bit the Maybelline Full & Soft which was a long-time favorite of mine, though I do like Clinique's option to adjust the finish. Thanks for the reviews!

    Jenny | Geeky Posh

    1. I'm happy to hear you like the palette! I also love the colors ;)
      Oh I can't remember of that maybelline mascara but maybe we didn't get it here in Switzerland.

  10. I've never really got on with Clinique mascaras in the past but the Dior one definitely interests me! What an interesting idea!

    1. argh too bad for the mascaras that didn't work on you. What didn't you like about them?
      Thanks for stopping by!


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