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Estée Lauder and Victoria Beckham did it again!
Last year, the ultra chic and elegant Victoria Beckham collaborated with Estée Lauder to create a sumptuous makeup collection. It goes without saying that the collection was a roaring success and that's also probably why they decided to launch a new collection this year. This collection contains some hit items from last year plus brand new products.

The collection is divided into 5 looks inspired by the following cities: Miami, London, New York, Los Angeles, and Paris.
I must say that the Parisian look is the look that speaks to me the most (don't get me wrong, the other looks are gorgeous, too!) and I was lucky to be sent quite a lot of products from this look! :D

I took a lot of pictures because I really like the aesthetics of this collection. Seriously, if this is not the epitome of elegance and refinement, I don't know what it is!

Cheek Creme in 01 Mink Blonde
This is a lightweight creme blush for dewy, flushed cheeks. To apply, you can use it with your fingertips or a brush. You can also apply it on your lips for a natural-looking highlight.
According to Estée Lauder this is a universally flattering color. I first thought it would be too dark for me but when applied lightly, it does look really nice. It's different from the pinks I'm usually using, here it's a mix between a blush and a contour shade for me but again, I find it really pretty. It's a quick and easy way to look put together, actually. I also like that it doesn't emphasize pores or skin texture and it lasts all day. It starts disappearing when I get back home in the evening.

Bronzer in 01 Java Sun
This is a natural-looking matte bronzer. I like that it's a neutral color, it's not too yellow or red. It has a nice texture that is easy to pick with a synthetic brush and you can build it up if you want it more intense. 

Eye Matte Duo in 01 Noir / Vanille
This is a duo palette of 2 matte eyeshadows, a black and a light beige.
Both shadows are not very pigmented so you have to build them up if you want more definition. But on the other hand, the good thing is that they are very blendable, you almost have nothing to do and they blend beautifully. To tell you the truth, I'm always a bit afraid to use black shadows because it can easily be a mess if you pick too much pigments and don't blend them correctly. Here, because the pigmentation is lower and because it blends beautifully, I find it very easy to use and I must say that I acutally enjoy using this black shadow. It works great to intensify any eyelook. Apply just a little bit in the outer V of your eyes, blend and voilà, a perfect smoky eye. So yes, what I like about the black shadow here is that you can create a beautiful smoky eye in only a couple of minutes! I'm less happy with the Vanille shadow because I find it a bit average. I'm happy I got this palette but I'm not sure I would recommend it either.

Eye Kajal in Saphire / Vanille
This is a double-ended, super soft and creamy eyeliner in Saphir (dark blue) and Vanille (nude beige). Both colors are very pigmented, you only need one swipe to get the full color and they glides easily on the skin. They're creamy but they stay put and don't bleed.
The Vanille color is perfect to open the eyes. You can use it to line your lower waterline. And Saphir is a gorgeous deep blue that I've been enjoying using it as a liner.
It comes with a VB sharpener (sorry I forgot to include it in my pictures).

Smudgy Matte Eyeliner in 01 Graphite
This is an innovative, loose-powder liner in graphite grey sparked with golden pearl. You can stroke it across the lashline and smudge with fingertips for a soft, smoky grey effect. It can be worn alone or over the Victoria Beckham Eye Kajal.
I had to play with it a bit to know how to use it to its best. What I like doing is applying it close to the lash line, smudging it all over the lids (it creates a graphite color allover the lid with lots of sparkles) and then applying the Aura Gloss on top to make a glossy/wet effect. I think this smudgy liner with the aura gloss look great together!

Matte lipstick in 03 Black Cassis
This is a deep bordeaux matte lipstick. The color is beautiful, deep but totally wearable and the texture is stunning. A lot of darker shades tend to emphasize dry patches you may have but not this one. It glides on the lips like a creamy lipstick but dry down to a beautiful satin finish. It's very comfortable. Honestly, pretty impressed with it! I love it! If you like darker shades, I can highly recommend it!

Aura Gloss in 01 Honey
This is a high-shine gloss that catches the light, defines features, and creates dimension. You can wear it as a glossy spotlight for cheekbones, bridge of nose and lips for a wet-shine finish. I've also been wearing it on the eye lids and fear not, it doesn't feel sticky.
This is such a versatile product, I've been wearing it on the cheekbones, on the eyelids and on the lips for a glossy look with suble glitters. Importantly it never felt sticky. Be careful to always use it with clean fingers (or use a spatula) if you plan to use it on your lips and eyes.
This is one of the must-haves from this collection in my opinion!

Eye Foil in 01 Burnt Anise
Another stunner! This is a liquid eyeshadow that creates a vinyl-like finish, even after it’s dried. You can use it with your fingertips or with a brush (works much better with the fingertips though).
Burt Anise ia a gunmetal grey with a glossy metallic finish. It doesn't crease, flake and lasts all day! Once it's dry, it doesn't budge at all (I had a video in my instastory where I rubbed my finger over it, and it stayed put). And you don't end up with glitters all over your face at the end of the day!
This eye foil has so much intensity, it's insane! It looks so powerful and glorious, this is definitely a formula that you have to try! You can either take a tiny amount on your fingertip, apply it on your eye lid and blend it quickly for a soft effect or you can go with more and create a super vibrant and glossy metallic look.

This is an incredibly beautiful collection, both the packaging and the content are gorgeous! For me there are a couple of items that are must-haves, i.e. the eye foils (Burnt Anise here), the Aura Gloss (it's so verstatile and is perfect if you like glossy and wet looks alla Victoria Beckham!), and the eye kajal because it has such a nice creamy texture that is easy to apply.
I also love the lipstick in Black Cassis and the bronzer in Java Sun! :D
Did you pick anything? If you want something, don't wait because everything is almost sold out!

Purchase info 
Estée Lauder products can be purchased from autorized retailers (NordstromSelfridges, Marionnaud, Douglas, Manor, Globus). For Switzerland, you can now buy online at Esté   

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  1. This collection looks so stylish! I love the matte lipstick in Black Cassis, what a gorgeous shade!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    1. I totally agree with you! and yes, that lipstick color is gorgeous!

  2. La collection dont j'ai le plus rêvé cette année!! Une merveille!! Hâte de recevoir ma commande et de jouer avec ces couleurs!

    1. Oui moi aussi, je crois! Elle est sublime! Amuse-toi bien ;)

  3. The bronzer looks absolutely beautiful! This whole collection is stunning.

    Billie |

    1. Isn't it? yes the bronzer is a piece I really like, it's not too warm or too cold so it looks really natural!

  4. The packaging looks so fancy, I wanted to get anything from this collection because of the packaging but now I feel like I have to choose the bronzer :)

    1. I think the bronzer is a good choice! It looks really natural!

  5. Stunning post as usual Karine - in love with those boxes! You're right - they really are the epitome of elegance! I love the sound of the bronzer, as it's not too yellow or red - they've found the perfect medium! x
    Marina x

    1. Thanks a lot, ma belle! :D yes, the bronzer is really nicely done and it seems like so many people like it!

  6. Amo a marca, tudo o que ela lança é de super qualidade!!!
    Babei em N produtos aí em cima!!! E agora???

  7. It is such a beautiful collection! I wasn’t planning to get anything but the lipstick looks so perfect! Great pictures as usual !!

    1. Thanks my dear Natalia! Yes, the collection is just gorgeous! I also love that color!

  8. C'est encore moi !
    Ah la la ! Comme je suis d'accord avec toi ! Cette collection est le summum de l'élégance et du raffinement ! J'avais déjà bien craqué l'an passé et j'ai replongé cette année avec plaisir pour compléter un peu avec le look Signature que j'adore !!! Tes photos sont superbes et mettent vraiment en valeur ces petits bijoux :)

    Kédidja |

    1. N'est-ce pas! cette collection est dingue! Merci beaucoup! <3


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