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Hi everyone,

If you love makeup, you've probably heard it: Kat von D is now available in Switzerland in all Sephora (Sephora is present in some Manor). How cool is that?
I'm really happy about this because I love the brand. I had the chance to get some of her products when the brand launched in France at the beginning of the year plus I've bought and received some additional products now that the brand is easily available in our country! So I'll show you what I have :D

Kat von D (Katherine von Drachenberg) is a super talented and famous American tattoo artist who has a love for everything gothic. This translates into her makeup collection of course, with dark packaging with gothic patterns and decorations. That said, even if the gothic sytle is not your cup of tea, you can enjoy her makeup collection because she has a rainbow of colors available for the lips and eyes and her coutour palettes and foundations are must-have for many people. The brand was launched in 2008.

The Alchemist Holographic Palette
This is an eye, lip, and face transformer palette with four color-shifting shades.
The colors are housed in a beautiful triangular shaped palette featuring a white holographic cover; the powders are not holo but duochromes or color-shifting.

You can use the powders either as highlighters (i.e., apply them directly on your cheek bones, nose bridge, etc) or on top of your lipsticks or eyeshadows to "transform" the base color into something super fun. I think the colors look really fun over a black (or dark) eyeshadow! Imagine spicing up your black eyeliner with one of these powders. You can easly get a stunning look!

The Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks
A long-wear, high-pigment liquid lipstick with a smooth, matte finish and all-day, lightweight comfort according to Kat von D.
I totally agree with the high-pigment liquid lipstick and smooth matte finish. They do last very well but not all day. You need to reply your lipstick after lunch. Depending on the color, they can last between 5-8 hours on me. They feel really comfortable and don't dry your lips too much, you can feel your lips getting a bit drier after 4-5h of wear but it remains acceptable in my opnion. What I love is that they don't transfer (because they dry down to a matte finish).

The Studded Kiss Lipsticks
According to Kat von D, they are innovative lipsticks that coat lips with bold color, long-lasting wear, and luxe comfort.
I've been using the KVD liquid and studded lipsticks for almost a year now and I must say that I love the studded kiss even more than the liquid lipsticks (although I do love the liquid lipsticks). They have a perfect texture and formula, dry down to a beautiful satin finish, don't dry the lips and last so long on the lips, even a nude shade, such as Lolita, lasts about 5 hours on me. For me, the Studded lipsticks are perfection!

The Tattoo Liner and the Metal Crush eyeshadows
Ok, I have to admit that I am not a liner girl because I always struggle to apply it correctly. So I was really curious to try Kat's tattoo liner because everyone seems to love it! and....I understand why now. It's so easy to apply and create a straight line in only a few seconds. First time I tried it, I was shocked. The point is so fine and precise and it glides on the skin. Honestly even beginners can easily use it! I'm discovering a whole new world with this liner, yes...seriously!
The only con I can find is that you need to apply 2 coats to get a perfectly intense black line, 1 coat is ok though but if you want a deep black, you'll need 2 coats.

Finally, I've also got one of their mono eyeshadows (Metal Crush in Synergy) and I love the quality. It's buttery soft and easy to blend. And that color is perfect for an everyday look. I want to get Thrasher now (yellow gold).

So overall, I really like this brand. If I had to recommend a couple of products to try if you want to get an overview of the brand, I would say the Studded Kiss lipsticks (I love the formula) and the Tattoo Liner are a must. And I also like the Alchemist palette, especially when used over darker colors, but as highlighters the colors also look stunning. The foundation seems also pretty interesting if you like full coverage foundations (not my case, I prefer sheer and dewy looks that's why I haven't tried it yet).

And you, what's you favorite Kat von D products?

Purchase info
Kat von D products can be purchased at Manor/Sephora in Switzerland (here).
Internationally, it's available at Sephora.com and on Kat von D website.

* contain some PR samples: the alchemist palette, L.U.V liquid lipstick and the tattoo liner*

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  1. Kat Von D is such a stand out brand - all of her products are so amazing! xx The alchemist palette looks amazing over black! x
    Marina xx

    1. Hi my dear, Yes the alchemist palette looks stunning over black :D I need to try that with all my highlighters now :)

  2. J'adore KVD! La Alchemist palette est si unique!! Je l'adore en point de lumière ou en centre de la paupière pour un halo holographique!!

    1. Coucou ma belle, oui en centre de la puapière, ça donne un super effet halo original :D Super contente qu'on ait finalement KVD ici!

  3. Great review! Im a fan of the KVD liquid lipsticks and the metal crush eyeshadows are intense!! I love mine! I am tempted by the holographic palette! xx

    1. Hi Rachel, I think I need to get another metal cush eyeshadow (the yellow gold looks stunning)! :D the holo palette is really cool!

  4. Je suis fan du packaging gothique de cette marque :) Vraiment ! Par contre, les couleurs sont souvent très fortes et j'ai du mal à les porter du coup je n'ai pas encore trop craqué ! Ahem pour mon porte-monnaie pour une fois ;) Bisous

    Kédidja | beautymoodboard.com

    1. haha parfois c'est une bonne chose, on ne peut pas craquer sur tout XD dans les rouges à lèvres studded, il y a pas mal de couleurs plus douces et faciles à porter si jamais :D


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