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Hi everyone!

Can you believe that Christmas is already in 2 weeks! I can't! But I'm all about the Holiday collections and this year, Lush did it again with a super cute, comfy and adorable collection! I bought myself some products and also received some PR samples and I'll show you everything in this blog post.

So let's go!


The first thing that I wanted to tell you about is the new solid shower gels that Lush launched this year with the Christmas collection. These are called the "Naked Shower Gels" and although they are solid, they're not soap (they don't contain any soap base). Naked shower gels work in exactly the same way as their liquid counterparts without the need for packaging. Lush is really trying to decrease waste and packaging (I talked about it in more details here) and I think these solid shower gels are actually a really good idea.

First, because they're eco friendly, second  because of the solid format you don't waste product (I always tend to squeeze too much product when I use liquid shower gels) and each "bottle" lasts you a while. I don't think they're travel friendly by the way as you need to let them dry before being able to carry them with you so I would definitely keep them at home and wouldn't travel with them.

Importantly, they don't feel drying and don't give you that squeaky feeling that I don't like. In that sense, they do feel like their regular liquid shower gels. To use it, I start by washing myself with water, then I rub the solid gel all over my body. It starts lathering when in contact with water and as you massage it in. The lather it creates is not as intense as a liquid shower gel but almost. 
I find that it's easier to use it if you grab it like in the photo below and use the bottom of the bottle to rub it over your skin.

Overall, I really like this formula and format and I bought another "bottle" yesterday. I received Twilight as a PR sample (shown here) and the other one I bought it Berry Berry Christmas. The Twilight shower gel has the most delicious scent of tonka, lavender, and Ylang Ylang. More about it here (UK) or here (CH).


Christmas Sweater is a bath bomb I really wanted to try when I first saw the holdiay collection! So of course, I had to grab it :D I also received one as a PR sample so I got 2 and boy, I'm so happy about it because I love this bath bomb!

It contains Sicilian lemon oil, mustard and ginger powders as well as coriander seed and clove bud oils. This makes a warm, spicy and festive scent that calls for Christmas! The water turns into a whirl of pink, orange and yellow colors. One of the best winter bath bombs I've tried. I love the scent and colors!

Butterbear is the second bath bomb I purchased from this collection because, seriously how cute is it? I also got it because it contains cocoa butter and wanted something nourrishing and comforting to use at the end of a cold wintery day. 
I haven't tried it yet, but I will soon. In the meantime, here is Lush's description. "Pop him into the water to infuse your bath with a warm and creamy vanilla scent and dreamy softness for sublime skin. This comforting bear is also filled with fragrant cocoa powder and calming ylang ylang to melt hearts young and old."


Another adorable bath product is this cute little Snowman!
This is a summery bubble bar in a wintery shape. It contains Sicilian lemon and lemon myrtle oils, cocoa and Fair Trade shea butters to keep the skin smooth and moisturised. Also present is soya milk powder to soften the water. According to Lush, "Banish the winter weather and float away on summer scented clouds."
Something I really like about Bubble Bars is that you get a ton of bubbles with them! Again, it contains cocoa and shea butters, which is great to moisturize the skin! I will let you know my thoughts about it on IG when I use it. I'm writing this blog post now so that you can see what products are available before they're gone. If I wait until I use everything, it might be too late as most of them are limited edition for Christimas.


I bought 2 Bath Melts from this Christmas collection because I wanted something that would bring me some moisture -my skin is dry at the moment.

Tree-D is a bath melt or bath oil. It quietly melts away as it gently transforms the water into a softening pool of almond oil and Fair Trade organic cocoa butter. Delicate scents of tangerine and grapefruit float by on the breeze while litsea cubeba oil restores you to your natural state. Allow the noise of the day to fade into the distance until it's just you and the trees...
It has an adorable shape plus it contains cocoa butter and almond oil and some fruity scents, such as grapefruit, tangerine and lemon. Do I need to add someting else? It's everything I love!!

Star Light Star Bright is another interesting bath melt. This one is super festive and great for a special occasion because you'll be left with lots of tiny glitters on your skin. If that's something you don't like, run away. If you're into glitters, you'll love it!
Fun fact: after taking a bath with this bath melt, I wore a dark blue t-shirt as a pj and I noticed the next day that it had been transformed into a starry night (i.e., there were lots of tiny silver glitters on the inside of the t-shirt), which I found cute.
So yes, there are silver glitters on the surface of the star and the inside is made of blue and pink. The water gets purple with lots of silver glitters floating in it. Mesmerizing! 
In terms of scent, it contains ginger and lime oils in addition to murumuru butter. It leaves the skin super soft and moisturized. That's probably one of my favorite bath products! The only thing is that I wouldn't use it too often because of the glitters.


Hidden Moutain is an impressive soap when you see the whole uncut soap. It forms a circle and looks dark and mysterious. 
It contains Ho Wood oil (camphor, floral and woody scent) and Labdanum resinoid (amber and musky fragrance), which create a wonderful woody musky scent. The scent is very earthy and calming and is a typical wintery scent to me! I've tried it already a few times (about twice a week since I got it about a month ago) and it didn't dry my skin and didn't leave a squeaky feeling. So yes, I enjoy using it!


The last item I got is this Sparkle Jar in the Twilight scent
"Not all that glitters is gold. Well, not just gold. Sometimes it's lavender and tonka too. Massage this dreamily scented cocoa butter bar over warm skin for heavenly hydration. Press something pointy into the dimples and shake out the glimmering powder to help you get sleepy. Ylang ylang brings sweet dreams and golden lustres add a bit of sparkle to your slumber party."

This is a moisturizing massage bar and I must say that I was not so crazy about it at first. My skin is most of the time cold and I have to massage it for a while before it starts meling. But I've started trying it again last week and now I enjoy it especially because of the scent. It's the Twilight scent (aka tonka, ylang-ylang, vanilla and lavender). That said I don't know why but I can smell a gingerbread man scent that I really love (although there is no ginger in it). If you distribute the sparkles well, they stay subtle. So yes, in the end I love using it although I wish it was a bit less "hard".

Did you get something from this collection? You can see the whole collection on Lush UK or Lush Switzerland.

Purchase info
Lush products can be purchase online at for Switzerland.

*contains some PR samples (Snowman, Hidden Mountain, Sparkle Jar, Twilight Naked Shower Gel), the rest was purchased by me*

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