Sephora Winter Wonderland - Holiday collection / 2017

5:50 PM

Lots of cool and cute products have been launched at Sephora for the holdiays! I have a few pieces to show you so are you ready~~~?

Many bath products are present in this collection, such as a cute fizzing magic wand covered in gold glitters. I tried it last week and I really enjoyed it although it didn't provide many bubbles, but I guess you could get more bubbles if you use it as a bath bar, i.e crumble it under running water as you’re filling your bath. It has a delicious cotton scent!

Also available are bath salts, bath pearls and bath confetti! :D They all have a delicious cotton flower scent and only costs a couple of bucks! Good stocking filler ideas!

The mascot of this collection is an adorable fox and she (yes, I decided she was a girl :D ) is present on mini nail files, as a cute pouch and a sleep mask. The mask is super fluffy by the way.
There is also a pretty fox piñata filled with Sephora products (mascara, lip cream, fingertip eyeliner, lip mask, eye mask, nail buffer, body wash, fizzing cube, sleeping mask capsule, ribbon).
And finally there is a mug that contains 8 fizzing bath stars. Again, super adorable and cute! I love!

And the last product I got is a face powder palette that contains 1 bronzer, 1 highlighter and 2 blushes. The bronzer is my favorite from this palette because I really like the color and undertones (neutral). The highlighter is also nicely pigmented and pretty, it has a rose gold color. The 2 blushes are shimmery blushes, very nice but nothing too special. I found them a bit too powdery when I swatched them but I am wearing the pink one now and I like how it looks like so in the end, I don't mind this point. Overall it's a very compact, cute and convenient palette because all the colors are usable for me :D and they should look great on a large type of skin colors-undertones.

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  1. Omg, this products are all very cute ♥

  2. waaah, its so cute <3 I wish I have a bathtub Lol :)

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