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Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a nice week and I already wish you a beautiful week ahead!
Today I have some very interesting lip products from Estée Lauder to show you! I posted a swatch of Black Star on Instagram the other day and a lot of you showed much interest in this crazy lipstick! So here is a full blog post with more swatches :D

So let's start with the new Pure Color Love lipsticks! I swatched the 30 colors that are available in the core collection last year (see here if you missed it) and I really love their formula. All, including the matte colors, are creamy but not too slippery and last well on the lips without drying them. Among the 30 colors some were limited edition. At the end of last year, Estée Lauder released new colors in a beautiful and trendy shimmery metallic finish, among which the 4 I will show you here!

These new colors are part of a collection called Pure Color Love Trend Lipsticks! What I also find super cute is that there is a heart engraved in the bullet (not the case for 2 here but that's because they are press samples).

The finish is sheer but you can build them up to almost full coverage with a couple of swipes. They are super shimmery and metallic and really makes your lips stand out. They also make them look fuller and perfectly hydrated and healthy. They're not a problem if your lips are dry because they don't cling to dry patches, don't enhance them and are overall pretty emollient. They last on the lips about 4-5 hours. As they're sheer, you can add them on top of another lipstick or wear them on their own with 2-3 coats.

Below are swatches of the 4 lipsticks and then a swatch of the fierce and beautiful Black Star followed by Granite Planet. On the lips, they look glossy and metallic. They all have tiny gold glitters in them. If you wipe your lips, you can get some glitters on your skin. While wearing them, I haven't noticed this to be an issue but if you like touching your lips throughout the day, you might get some around your mouth.
  • Black Star is a blackend green with lots of golden shimmery particles. 
  • Femme Bot is a purple lipstick with some blue undertones.
  • Granite Planet is a warm brown with gold shimmer.
  • Galactic Gold is a coral-nude with gold shimmer. This one is super easy to wear on a daily basis even to go to work.

Below is Granite Planet. For the swatches, I used a nude-pink lip liner all over my lips but in the end it was not necessary. I wanted to mention it because it might have changed the color a bit, making it look less brown and more pink.

Below is a swatch of Black star on its own, without lip liner.

The second lauch is all about ombré lips with the Pure Color Love One Stroke Ombré Lipsticks! This collection follows the trend of ombré lips. I've noticed that a few brands are going into the two tone lipsticks trend that was made popular by Laneige Two Tone lipsticks.
These One Stroke Ombré Lipsticks are very creamy and they feel moisturizing on the lips. I have been wearing them a lot these days because my lips are drier than usual (thank you dear wind and dear cold weather!) and the colors are really easy to wear on a daily basis.
When you apply them, you can clearly see the 2 colors and after a while they blend together. On my swatch below you can't really see the 2 colors well but it was more noticeable in person though.

Soooo...what do you think of the new lipsticks? I personally find them really cool and I love seeing that Estée Lauder is launching more and more fun lip products! Their quality is always on point and the choice of colors is really large! So overall very excited and happy about them!!

Purchase info 
Estée Lauder products can be purchased from autorized retailers (NordstromSelfridges, Marionnaud, Douglas, Manor, Globus). For Switzerland, you can now buy online at Esté   

*PR samples*

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  1. I never dreamed of the day when I would see these kind of offerings from such a mainstream brand as Estee Lauder. I love that there is more openness to unusual and edgy colors and products.

    1. Yes, same here! I'm really happy to see them go into that direction! Thanks for your comment ;) It's cool to see you also think that!

  2. Wow blackstar est vraiment magnifique ! je pense qu'il ne m'irait pas, mais la teinte est canon ! :D

    1. Coucou Roberta! Merci! Je le trouve vraiment fun mais pas super évident à porter mais on s'y fait après l'avoir mis 2-3x fois ;)

  3. Hi. Do you know if the ombre lipstick will be available in other countries in Europe? I can’t find it anywhere. Even online...

    1. Hello! I haven't received the info about other countries, sorry. But I've looked up on Estée Lauder website for France and Germany and they're there. But not on the Italian website, nor on the US one. Where are you located?


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