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Hi everyone!

Long time no see! I know...I'm quite busy at the moment and haven't been able to do much blog work during the week but I am and with lots of cool products!

I actually received some products from Wet'n'Wild last fall and last winter and I've been using some of them ever since. Because I really like some of them and considering their price and quality, I had to talk about them in more details here!

Among their products, I must say that I have a huge crush on their blushes and liquid lipsticks! And I also really like their PhotoFocus foundation, powder and concealer. These are products that I would really recommend trying!

So..their Color Icon Blushes are available in 5 colors. I have the color Pearlescent Pink. This is a pink blush with gold shimmer. It kind of reminds me of Nars Orgasm. I find it gorgeous, really gorgeous! It goes on smooth and it has just the right amount of pigmentation. Honestly I can't say anything else than wow you have to try it! The ratio quality/price is amazing!

Next, their highlighters, the MegaGlo Highlighting Powders. I have here the color Crown of My Canopy. On Wet'n'Wild website, there are 7 colors available but I think in Switzerland we have only 1-2 colors. I checked some time ago because I wanted to get another more cool-toned color. The quality of Crown Of My Canopy is excellent but the color is too warm for me. That's why I wanted to get another color. That's another item I highly recommend because the quality is there. It's very pigmented and smooth and overall amazing! If you can find a color that suits you, don't hestitate.

Then the liquid eyeliner in Dark Brown. I have used it a couple of times and I must say that it is very easy to apply even for beginners. I don't wear liquid eyeliners very often so I can't really say much about it, sorry. That said when I tried it, it didn't smudge and lasted all day. So yes, it seems pretty interesting.

Lash Renegade mascara. This is a volumizing, lengthening and curling mascara (that's a statement!) :D The wand has an original shape. The tip is supposed to add volume with precision and the rest helps create definition and curl the lashes. I received already a long time ago and only started using it a couple of weeks ago and I must say that it is true: the wand with the tiny picots define the lashes really well but doesn't give much volume. So then I use the "ball" at the tip of the wand to add more volume and I think the combo of these 2 types of picots work actually really well to define and add volume. I'm also pretty impressed with it.

Now to the lipsticks! OK, I have to say straight away: I love and ADORE the MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipsticks. Quality is amazing and they're totally affordable. They're easy to apply, they go on smooth and don't overly dry the lips although they're matte. They last pretty well, too and can totally compare to more expensive liquid lipsticks! They are so worth it!! love them!

Now the MegaLast Lip Colors are another story. I actually really like the formula because it's a beautiful matte-satin finish that looks velvety on the lips but that is not super drying. Note however that when applying it, it tugs a bit on the skin (something kind of similar to MAC retro matte lipsticks).
But I don't like the packaging. I find difficult to keep it clean, you fatally end up with some lipstick on the cap and that something that bothers me. I find it sad that the packaging is annoying because otherwise I like the formula.

Next to their brushes. Again, very affordable. I must say that I really like the flat foundation brush. Yes, the foundation brush. Normally I don't like flat brushes like that for foundation but I actually like this one because it doesn't leave brush marks and leaves a nice effect. Also the Small Concealer Brush is good. It's super precise to apply your conearler on blemishes or spots and it also works great for the undereye area. The powder brush is nice but nothing exceptional I would say.

And finally the 3 PhotoFocus items that were released not so long ago: the foundation, concealer and pressed powder. I'm pretty sure you've already heard about them a lot as many people really enjoy these 3 products. They were specifically developped to avoid the ghostly complexion you can sometimes get on pictures. They underwent major road testing under seven different photo lighting conditions to deliver flawless camera-ready makeup.
The foundation provides medium coverage, it's buildable and has a matte finish. It's matte but not drying and it doesn't cling to dry patches for example. I guess that's because it's a rather fluid foundation. It's a bit thicker than what I usually go for (I like sheer glowy foundations) but I must admit that I'm pretty impressed with it and that I've been useing it happily :D The only con is its smell. When you open the bottle it has a chemical scent but luckily when you apply it, you can't smell it anymore so that's OK for me.
The concealer is also a great product. It has a nice coverage and doesn't look cakey or settle in fine lines. I like it! And finally the pressed powder. I've started using it instead of my loose transluscent powder and I prefer using it than my old powder (an old one from Catrice). It's easier to use and it's really lightweight, easy to blend. I was shocked the first time I used it because it blends so beautifully and leaves a beautiful finish. It's approved!

The nail polishes - I find them OK, nothing too crazy about them but nothing bad either, except for one of them the brush was wonky, but otherwise they go on nicely and were opaque with 2 coats. So pretty standard.

Overall I'm really impressed with a lot of Wet'n'Wild products. They're so affordable and the quality is there! And they're cruelty free. The products I highly recommend are the liquid lipsticks, the blushes and the 3 PhotoFocus products!

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  1. Hi KArine! I agree with your opinion! I have loved the same products and I was curious to know what you think about the compact powder, but I see no comments, so I suppose you didn't like it? Mine was a little "hard" or "dry" at the top, so when I wsiped with my brush, I couldn't pick up any matter!! Then I remembered a trick I learnt from a blogger and with a small piece of scotch tape I removed the first "dry" layer of the powder, and OMG
    I'm smitten with this powder for my dry skin! I normally HATE powder on me because few hour later I look 300 years old. But this one, is soooo nice on me. I can't remember what type of skin you are, but I guess this one only works on dry skin?

    1. oh my, I completely forgot to write about it!! but I actually love it! this powder makes a really silky look. I also don't find it drying. Just as you I usually don't wear any powder because they make my skin look dry and patchy but this one doesn't! On the other hand, I didn't have to do this trick because it wasn't really hard or dry...

    2. I couldn't have said it better, "silky" is the perfect word. That's the only downside I notice, sometimes products are dry, or in less than perfect conditions. I once received an eyeliner competely dry, this powder was dry at the top... I suppose that's the "con" of the drugstore brand, the QC aren't really exhaustive, otherwise they couldn't have this pricetag.

  2. oh, forgot to tick the notify me box! there you go...


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