de Caron watch ring (Valentine's Day gift idea)

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Hi everyone!
Today is a very special post on  Nailderella! I recently received a watch ring craftted by de Caron and because I really like it, I thought it would be cool to share it here on the blog!

About de Caron watch rings
De Caron stands for functional lifestyle jewellery that has been designed for trendsetters. The inspiration behind the brand is a historic figure called Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais who created the watch ring back in 1754.
King Louis XV ordered several watches from Caron who created a fob watch for the sovereign and a miniaturized watch in a ring setting for the Madame de Pompadour, the king’s mistress.
The Monarch was so delighted with the miniature watch on a ring that he also ordered one for himself. This catapulted Caron into Versailles and all the court nobles gave him their watch orders. With the tender age of 22, Pierre-Augustin Caron received the highly prestigious title of “horologist to the king”.

Pierre-Augustin Caron was an inventor, far ahead of its time. One could say he was a true visionary who with his watch ring for Madame de Pompadour, a proper trendsetter of her time, would change watchmaking and how watches would be worn forever.
de Caron uses only high quality materials in the making of their lifestyle jewellery. Materials like mother of pearl, Swarovski crystals, sapphire glass and stainless steel form a perfect symbiosis to guarantee a truly refined product.
Each ring comes beautifully wrapped in a box with a pouch and ribbons :D
Fun fact: De Caron has been launched by the creator of the Diorvalley page on Instagram.

All rings are adjustable so no need to worry about the size. I also think they're of good quality and look really cool!
I've been wearing mine since I received and what I like about it? It's totally unique and different and I actually really like how it looks on. I find it delicate and beautiful! To me this is really a statement piece and you'll get lots of compliments ;)
I've tried it on different fingers but in the end, I prefer wearing it on my middle finger :D
What do you think? :D
Purchase info
The watch ring I have is a rose gold ring but it's also available in black matte, gold, silver, copper and white. They cost between £99.00 and £120.00 depending on the model.
They're available HERE.
*PR sample*

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