Clio Kill Cover Ampoule and Conceal Cushions (ft Super Sufur edition) plus Cushion Binding Primer

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Hi there, I hope you all had a nice week and you are ready to start the week ahead!

Today I have a review of some Clio products that I got from Clio is a super famous Korean makeup brand that I've been wanting to try for years. Not sure why I haven't tried it earlier though...
If you don't know the brand, Clio is a professional makeup brand à la MAC. They have very good quality products and are famous for their base and foundation makeup as well as their lipsticks.

Peripera (their Ink velevet lip tints are amazing by the way) and Goodal (review of their Greeen Tangerine Honey Cream here) were developed under the umbrella of Club Clio. They have also recently launched 2 new brands, Healing Bird and Dermatory (I want to try this brand so much!).

So I decided to try 2 of their cushion foundations and 1 of their primers. 
The Kill Cover Ampoule Cushion is a moisturizing cushion with a luminous and dewy finish, aka everything I love for cushions but the word ampoule made me a bit worried I must admit. I was worried it would slide off my face by the end of the day and that's why I decided to also pick the Cushion Bonding Primer.
The Kill Cover Conceal cushion provides more coverage and dries down to a slighltly more matte finish.

According to the chart below, the Ampoule cushion is the most glowy while the Founwear Cushion XP the more matte of Clio cushions. In between, with a good coverage but still moisturizing properties is the Conceal Cushion.

Kill Cover Liquid Founwear Ampoule Cushion

It's available in 4 colors. I took the lightest 2-BP Lingerie, which has a pink-based color and it matches me perfectly well (I'm usually shade 13 in Korean foundations and can accomodate shade 21, too). 03 Linen is a beige with yellow undertones, 04 Ginger is a neutral medium beige, and 05 Sand is a darker neutral beige.


It's advertized as a natural, moist and well-adhering cushion. For me, that's all true! I usually love wearing light coverage and dewy foundations. This ampoule cushion provides a bit higher coverage in comparison to what I'm usually using (as I said I love low coverage). I would say that the coverage is light to medium. You can easily build it up to medium coverage without it looking heavy or cakey.
It looks dewy on the skin but not as dewy as I expected from an ampoule cushion. It rather has a natural finish. It doesn't feel sticky on the skin as some moisturizing cushions do, maybe that's also why I don't think it looks super dewy. Finish is natural and radiant (not a flat, dull matte finish in any way).

In terms of lasting power, I was pretty impressed how long it lasts on me, i.e. all day except on the base of my noise where my glasses touch my skin. Foundation always separate there with every foundation I've tried. That said I haven't tried to set it with powder, maybe I should tried this! If you have oily skin though, I guess it will last less longer.
As a base, I've usually use it either with the cushion bonding primer or with Clinique Pep-Start HydroBlur Moisturizer (reviewed here).

Since I got it (got it in January, I think), I've been using it almost everyday. It's the perfect everyday cushion in my opinion. It has a very natural finish but still covers redness and spots pretty well! It leaves the skin very healthy looking.
If I want to compare it with another popular cushion, with Hera UV Mist cushion for example, it has slightly more coverage than the Hera cushion and is slightly less dewy, finish is a bit more natural I would say.

Packaging feels sturdy and nice and I like the glossy lid. Note that the packaging has just changed and now it comes with a golden case. It comes in a set with a refill.

Kill Cover Conceal Cushion - Super Sufur edition

The second cushion I got it the Kill Cover Conceal Cushion. I got it in the Holiday 2017 edition in collaboration with Super Sufur, but it's available in the regular edition all year round.

As the name suggests, this cushion provides higher coverage. It's actually advertized as a concealer + moisture ampoule cushion, which means it will provide high coverage but won't look cakey or dry on the skin.


I bought it because I was curious to try a higher coverage foundation that would still stay "moist" on the skin (I don't like super matte high coverage foundations).
First time I tried it, I was a bit worried it would look cakey or enhance dry patches by the end of the day because coverage was much higher than what I'm used to. But no, by the end of the day, it still looked rather fresh and did not enhance any dry patches I could have! I was pretty impressed.
If you have dry skin though, it might enhance dry patches a bit (not 100% sure but that's my guess). I'm saying that because I tried to layer it to see how it would react and if you add too many layers it can start to look a bit heavy and mark fine lines. That said, several layers are not necessary. I typically use one light layer and then dab over the places where I have blemishes or something to correct and that's enough.

In terms of finish, I think it's not that different from the  Kill Cover Ampoule cushion, it's slightly more matte. It has a satin finish I would say (but not matte) while the Ampoule cushion is more dewy.

So now when I need more coverage I go with this one and the other days with the Ampoule cushion. I think they're quite complementary and I'm happy I've bought both.

One thing I have to mention is that the packaging of this Super Sufur edition is super cute!! but the reservoir part can't be attached correctly to the ring part of the cushion. It always falls off. I think this is an issue only with my cushion because I've seen other people who didn't have this issue...Anyway I wanted to mention it. I think the regular version is a bit more sturdy though.


Cushion Bonding Primer
Finally, the Cushion Bonding Primer! I bought it mainly because I wanted to try it with the ampoule cushion. I was worried it would be too moisturizing and would fade away quickly. It wasn't the case in the end so this primer wasn't really useful for this particular case.

According to Clio, "the skin-like gel complex that has a similar structure as moisturizing factors adheres like a second skin. The primer resolves the drawbacks of moisture-rich cushion compacts that fade easily.The mixture of oil-adsorbing porous powder and skin smoothing angelica extract absorbs excess sebum, giving you a long-lasting matte finish."

What I think about this primer: it feels hydrating when you put it on and keeps the hydration for a couple of hours. It smoothes the skin but not like a silicone-based primer, it makes the skin more even though and luminous. I don't have oily skin so I can't tell if it helps adsorbing oil. And concerning its ability to help cushion foundations last longer, as I said both cushions here were already good performers in terms of wear and longevity so the primer doesn't really make a difference here. That said, I'm pretty sure that it could be useful in summer when I use moisturizing cushions. If you have issues with cushion foundations fading too easily, this primer could be worth a try.

As a side note, I find the packaging super gorgeous. It's a frosted glass bottle and I like the colors. It feels luxury and of good quality.

Purchase Info
The conceal cushion can be purchased here, and the primer here. The Ampoule cushion is not available on jolse any more but I guess they'll get the new gold packaging version soon. You can also request an item if want.

*I received it from for review. I could chose what I wanted to get in their shop*


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