Estée Lauder Spring 2018 incl. colored mascaras, new liquid lipsticks and eye shadows, new concealers

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Hi everyone!

Today I have lots of new Estée Lauder products to share with you and be ready because there are some serious gems!

The new products include some colored mascaras, new liquid lipsticks available in a matte, vinyl or metallic finish, liquid/creamy eyeshadows and some duo concealers and color correcting products and a new eye cream.

The Pure Color Envy Paint-On Liquid Lip Colors

Let's start with the lipsticks, the new Pure Color Envy Paint-On Liquid Lip Colors!
They're intense in color, super pigmented, smooth, and ultra-comfortable. They're available in 3 different finishes:

  • MATTE: Paint on long-wearing drama. Paint on style. Matte but never flat.
  • VINYL: Paint on shine. Paint on sexy. Fits your lips like a curvy vinyl dress.
  • METALLIC: Paint on dazzle. Paint on daring. Gleaming brushed chromes in super-hot shades that last all day.

 Packaging looks gorgeous by the way, doesn't it?

I've tried 2 vinyl (shameless, patently peach) and 1 mettalic (wine shot) shades. I've worn Shameless a lot because it's a cute and easy to wear pink and Wine Shot because it's such an intense (!!) and gorgeous shade! I haven't tried Patently Peach for an all day wear so I won't comment on it too much. Both Shameless and Wine Shot stained the lips and lasted pretty well throughout the day, especially Wine Shot that tints the lips quite strongly (in a bright pink-fuchsia color).
Concerning the formula, the vinyl shades are very thin and you can't really feel them on the lips. The metallic color (Whine Shot) on the contrary is thicker and you can feel it on your lips, especially for the first hour of wear, but I don't find it uncomfortable. For the vinyl shades, the glossy effect last for about 1h-1h30 and then leave a more matte effect. I was suprised to see that Wine Shot was looking glossy for a longer time, maybe it's only after about 2-3 hours of wear it started to look more matte with still with some dimension due to the metallic texture. As I said before, this one looks really intense.
All of them faded gradually without chipping or looking dirty, which is something very important for liquid lipsticks.
As I said, on me Wine Shot lasted very well but maybe if you tend to touch your lips a lot, you can move the color a bit, because of the thicker texture. It didn't happen for me and as I said I was rather impressed how it stayed in place but I can imagine for some people this might not be the case. 
The vinyl and metallic shades are not transfer proof by the way. Wine Shot is more prone to transfer than Shameless, probably also due to the thicker texture.

 Look how glossy they look and how intense and deep Wine Shot looks like!

 Wine Shot (metallics)

Gradient with Shamless and Patently Peach (vinyl), they look more glossy in real life

I've recently received 6 new shades to try (2 mattes, 2 metallics, 2 vinyls) so I'll try them and will do a new post focusing on these new Paint-on Liquid Lip Colors, especially to talk also about the matte shades.

Pure Color Envy Shadow Paints

They're weightless gel-creme colors in. You can customize the intensity:
  • Wear it bold: the wand applicator applies a bold layer of saturated color. Paints smoothly across the lid.
  • Or, sheer it out: the lightweight texture easily blends into a beautifully soft, subtle sheen.
What I like about them is that they're creamy, stay in place and last all day without creasing, smudging or flaking.

Sweet Sin is my absolutely everyday color. You can just swipe it across your lid and you're done, you can call it an eye look! They're also easy to blend. Honestly I need to check the other colors of this range because I really like the formula! 

The Pure Color Envy Lash Multi Effects Mascara

They are limited edition and the range of color is amazing: teal, orange, fuchsia, violet, blue, bordeaux and scarlet red.

Sorry I mixed fuchsia and orange on this picture

OK, these are super fun and I'm super happy to see such fun colors and mascaras by Estée Lauder! They're not for everyday, at least for me, but I'm in love with the range of colors! My favorite is probably the teal because although it's a super fun color, if you layer it lightly it's totally wearable. If you want to be bolder, you can apply 2 coats and this will create a statement look!
I also like the violet one because it makes the green in my eyes pop! :D

The Double WearCustom Coverage Correcting Duo

Availabl in this line are concealers and color correcting duos. I got here the light and medium-light concealer duos.

Each duo has two levels of coverage.
  • On one end, a light, luminous wears-all-day formula with brush applicator to sweep across larger areas.
  • On the other, a full-coverage hydrating concentrate with sponge tip to cover targeted areas for up to 24 hours.
I have mainly use the "full-coverage hydrating concetrate" part because that's what I need for my under eye area. I have to agree with the hydrating aspect because it looks very "moist" and never looks cakey. It didn't enhance fine line or dry areas and that's the main reason I like it! It's not the concealer with the highest coverage (coverage is medium but you can build it up) but because it's so hydrating and doesn't look cakey at all, I really like it and I've been using it almost everyday since I got it. The sponge format is also convenient for a quick and easy application. I also like the luminous finish (probably due to the undertone of the light shade which is a bit pink; medium-light is more peachy beige). I've also used the peachy shade of the medium-light duo when my dark circles are more present to color correct them.
The light end is great if you're into strobing and want to brighten some area of your face.

Best suited for: I think it would be ideal for people with fine lines, dry skin and that need a concealer that doesn't crease, will also hydrate and moisture the skin and will look fresh all day. Finish is luminous.

The DayWear Eye Cooling Antioxidant Moisture Gel Cream

OK, I'll say it stright: this eye cream makes me happy. Why? because I'm so in love with the light gel texture. It's  a gel texture but it's not formulate with alcohol, which is something quite rare among the occidental brands in my opinion. So that's a really good point. 
It's not heavy but still brings hydration and moisture. That's basically all I need for an eye cream. This might well be my all time favorite eye cream...yes...!

In terms of ingredients, as always with Estée Lauder we can find lots of antioxidants that will protect your skin from oxidative damage and stress. Most of these antioxidants are under the form of botanical extracts, such as cucumber, of algae (algea extract, Ascophyllum Nodosum (a brown alaga), Asparagopsis Armata (a red alga)), Ergothioneine, another antioxidant derived from mushroom, and Thermus Thermophillus Ferment extract, which also has antioxidant properties.
Moreover, most algae due to their polysaccharide structure have water-binding properties for skin, i.e. they will hydrate the skin. There are also lots of humectants (Glycerin, Trehalose, Sucrose, Sodium Hyaluronate), again also important for hydration.

This gel cream is basically an hydration and antioxidant bomb! I like it...a lot! 

I'm very happy that the texture is delicious and that the ingredients are amazing. I'm always super impressed with Estée Lauder skincare products. They're almost the only occitental brand that really focus on antioxidants and pack their products with a blend of them. That's something I really appreciate.

Is there something you've already tried or that you would love to get?

Purchase info 

Estée Lauder products can be purchased from autorized retailers (NordstromSelfridges, Marionnaud, Douglas, Manor, Globus). For Switzerland, you can now buy online at Esté   

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