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Hi there~
Swatches of the new Cadillacquer collection called All I Need! This is a 10 piece collection inspired by things that Madeleine loves, such as TV series, favorite travel destinations, her beautiful pets etc.
As there are lots of pics, I'll stop the talking here and let you look at the swatches :D

Cadillacquer is a Swiss indie brand that I particularly love because each polish is so unique, original and beautiful and they're all created with love by the talented Madeleine!

Youth - A neon pink jelly, with blue chameleon flakes and small gold iridescent flakies. It's more neon IRL.
Nb of coats used: 2

Sookie - A light pink crelly, with different sized bright blue metallic glitters.
Nb of coats used: 2

Some People Are Immune To Good Advice - A blue scattered holo, with green micro flakies and iridescent flakes in various colors.
Nb of coats used: 2

Alaska - White crelly, with small white glitters, red color shifting micro flakies and shimmer and red iridescent flakies.
Nb of coats used: 3

New York - Bright purple jelly, with different sized neon blue glitters.
Nb of coats used: 2

Maui - A turquoise crelly, with different sized neon pink glitters.
Nb of coats used: 3 here for the photos but 2 would be enough

Hug The Dog - A light pastel green crelly, with two sizes of holo flakes and red chameleon flakes.
Nb of coats used: 2-3 coats

Equus - A mint crelly, with purple shimmer, gold flakies, different sized chartreuse metallic glitters and a subtle holo effect.
Nb of coats used:  2-3 coats

End Of Silence - A neon red/oraneg jelly, with different sized matte white glitters.
Nb of coats used: 2-3 coats

Castiel - Blueish grey holo, filled with charcoal and pink holo glitters in different sizes and iridescent pink flakies.
Nb of coats used: 3

Do you have a favorite one? For me, it's hard to say because I love many of them...but if I had to mention just a few, I would say Maui, New York, Castiel, Some People Are Immune To Good Advice, and Sookie! But as I said I really like the whole collection, I also love the addition of the 2 neon shades, I think they look really cool!!

You can learn about the story behind each shade on Cadillacquer's IG account.

Purchase info
The collection is now available on Hypnotic Polish, and a bit later on Lakodom and Color4Nails and Whats Up Nails.

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