L'Oréal Wake up and Glow!

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L'Oréal has launched some new products that focus on nude and glowy makeup and of course, this makes me super happy because this is exactly what I like!

This new glowy collection consists of a peachy blush, a bronzer, 2 highlighter palettes, highlighting drops, and a bb cream.
The bb cream, Boujour Nudista (that name! I love it :D ) Awekening Skin Tint, is a light and natural bb cream.  It feels fresh and very natural on the skin. It's available in 3 shades: light, medium and medium dark. I received it in the medium shade, tried it a bit but it's way too dark and yellow for me. As it seemed quite interesting, I bought the light version and I'm happy I did because I really like it! It's indeed very natural and low coverage (i.e., it looks like skin). It covers redness and evens the skin tone out but doesn't conceal blemishes. For me, this is something I really like as I always prefer low coverage foundations. On me, it looks very dewy, it really adds a glow and makes the skin super even. And that's why I love it! That said, I've seen and read a couple of reviews where people found that it was patchy, which obviously was not my case. For reference, my skin is normal, slightly combo and sensitive.  
Oh yes, I prefer to apply it with my fingers (although I'm normally a brush kind of girl), I think it's easier to blend, it's done in 30s while with a brush you have to work more.

Back to Bronze is a super natural bronzer. The color is not too red or yellow, I think this is the perfect color for me and if you're fair to medium, I guess it can work for you, too. Pigmentation is light to medium, and it's buildable. It's also very easy to use and can't really do mistakes with it.
In the same way, the Life's a peach blush is a very natural summery peachy blush. I almost never use peach blushes as I think pink works better for me but since I got it, I keep reaching for it. I think it makes such a healthy, fresh and natural look! Pigmentation is also light to medium and is again buildable. It has a delicious peach scent, too!
They come with a mirror and a mini brush. The brush is not my type of brush, I perfer something more fluffy but it could work for the bronzer though.

La vie en glow highlighter pallette is another star of the collection. It's available in Warm glow and in Cool Glow. I got the Cool Glow version. Again, it's very easy to use, very natural and fresh and you can't really go wrong with it! I personally love mixing Moonlight and Pink Pearl together and apply this on the top of my cheeks :D Again, since I got it, I've been using it everyday...!

And finally, Glow Mon Amour (what a cute name!!) are highlighting drops! It's a neutral gold highlighter that you can apply on its own on the high points of your face, mix it with your foundation and also apply on your body. I haven't used it that much yet as I prefer highlighting powders but I need to use it more because as I'm writing this review, I'm playing with it again and I love the effect. If you apply a tiny amount on the top of your cheeks, you get a really natural glow that looks so healthy! If you apply it more liberally, it looks quite blinding! I bet it would look also amazing on your shoulders!!

Overall, super happy with this Wake up and Glow collection! It's basically everything I love :D I've been using the bb cream, the blush and the highlighting palette so much since I got them! Have you tried anything or are you interested in some of the items here? If you're a fan of nude and glowy makeup, chances are high you will also love these products :D
*PR samples, except the bb cream in light*


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  1. Loreal have been doing so good with their new launches.

    Munira from Million Idole


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