Bourjois Duo Blush, Le Petit Strober and new colors of Rouge Velvet the lipstick

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Hi everyone!
How's July started for you? For me, much work and also with the heat hitting Switzerland at the moment, I couldn't find much time to come over here and blog...nyaaaa~ sorry, but I promise, I'm doing my best :D
Today I have some news from Bourjois. Bourjois is a brand I've used a lot in the past, because it's a very nice drugstore brand in my opinion, but for some reasons I didn't reached for it in the past years so I'm actually quite happy to be able to try the brand again and rediscover it!

Bourjois Duo Blush & Le Petit Strober
These are a revamped version of their iconic blushes.
Each blush is designed to contour your face with colour to create a radiant, healthy and natural look! The duo consists of a darker shade to contour and a lighter shade to blush.
STEP 1: Sculpt your face with the darker shade to reveal your cheekbone.
STEP 2: Colour the top of your cheek with the lighter shade for a natural healthy complexion.

In reality I find each compact quite small and therefore it's difficult to pick just one color with a regular blush brush. So what I do? I swirl my brush on both colors and directly apply the mix of colors on my cheeks. The texture is "pearly", it contains very fine glitters and does look very natural. The pigmenation is light to medium so I typically dip twice in the product to get enough color.
These are perfect for people who want a quick and healthy, natural look. I like the choice of colors for the 3 shades and I think they look very luminous on the skin. On the contrary if you're looking for a super pigmented blush, these are not for you.
Oh finally, I find them super convenient to travel with because they're rather small. They also come up with a small brush and a mirror. The brush is not my ideal type of brush but it could be OK for a weekend.

Le Petit Strober comes in the same packaging as the blushes. It's a white gold higlighlither with a very fine and lightweight texture. It has a light to medium pigmentation and looks very natural. It gives a very subtle lit from within kind of glow and is actually great for a natural strobing effect. Again if you're looking for a blinding kind of highlighter, this one is not for you. With these blushes and this highlighter the focus is more on a natural kind of look :D
Rouge Velvet The Lipstick - new shades
Finally, I also wanted to share some news about the Rouge Velvet The Lipsticks because Bourjois has launched new colors. I've talked about this range already a couple of times on IG because I really like the texture and finish of them. They have a satin finish but are absolutely non drying! When you apply them, they feel really creamy but then they dry down in about 1 min to an ultracomfortable satin finish. They're not transferproof but last pretty well on the lips (depending on the color 4-6h).
Honestly if you like satin finishes but always struggle with dry lips, I can highly recommend these Rouge Velvet. I've also worn them when I had a dry patch on my lips and the creamy texture totally covered that patch and smoothed the lips. That's something I find quite amazing for a satin lipstick!! I was seriously impressed!
Anyway the new colors are 4 natural to brown colors :D so yummy! They also come up with a matching lip pencil. The lip pencils are also very creamy (not dry at all) and can also be used as lipstick all over the lips.

As a reminder, the other colors in this Rouge Velvet the lipstick range are as follows.

Have you already tried these super comfortable satin lipsticks or the Duo blushes? :D

Purchase Info
In Switzerland Bourjois can be found at Coop and in some independant drugstores.
You can follow Bourjois Switzerland on IG here.

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