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Discovering and trying new nail polish brand has been something I've really enjoyed for years, but for some reasons during the last years I've been sticking to my favorite brands, i.e. OPI, Essie, Dior, Cadillacquer and A England.
This year Marionnaud has come up with new nail polishes. The formulation, packaging and choice of color is brand new. And I must say I was very happy to discover and try it!

First a couple of words about the packaging and formulation. The 11mL of nail polish come in a square bottle with an imposing square cap. The brush is a fan-type of brush, i.e. it makes the application easy. The brush is rather short -I frst thought it would be too short to have a comfortable control of what you're doing but overall it's rather easy to manœuvre and I quite like it.
I need to note that for 2 of the polishes, it's difficult to replace the cap exactly in place to align it with the body of the bottle. Not sure why I only have this issue with 2 out of the 10 I've tried but that's how it is.
The formulation is really good and I was impressed by how pigmented and smooth they are. You can get even and opaque results with 2 coats with each polish I've tried.
Finally the color range is also pretty cool, you have some deep creams, some metallic and some sheer/nude colors.
Important to note is the price. They retail for 7.90 CHF each, which is a really good price for Switzerland. So overall I think the quality/price ratio is really good and they're polishes I would recommend.
Let's go to the swatches.
First is a combo of (from pinky to index): 01 Innocent White, 28 Blue Wave, 02 Gold Oh my god, 21 Daring Bronze,
Then a combo of (from pinky to index): 07 Peach My Life, 18 Shocking Pink, 11 Red in Fire, 14 Burgundy Secret Love.
Finally a swatch of 22 Wanted Taupe and 25 Silver Paradise.
Do you have a favorite?
My favorites are 28 Blue Wave (that oh-so-deep blue), 21 Daring Bronze (because I love bronze as a color and this one is smooth and easy to apply), 18 Shocking Pink (so bright and beautiful), and 22 Wanted Taupe (perfect nude with a twist polish).
Purchase Info
Marionnaus Nail polishes can be found at for 7.90 CHF.
*PR samples*

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