Innisfree Jeju Cherry Blossom Line

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Jeju is known for its beautiful nature. Just hearing the name of this beautiful Korean island brings me a feeling of nature, peace and quiet.
And the association of Jeju and cherrry Blossom makes a promising mixture, doesn't it?
Innisfree has released last spring this new line called "Jeju Cherry Blossom". The line contains a toner (skin), an emulsion (the lotion), a gel (the jelly cream), and a tone up cream. I got everything except the tone up cream and I'll review them in this blog post.

Jeju Cherry Blossom Jelly Cream
This is a brightening gel containing Jeju cherry leaf extract and betaine.  It is supposed to help with dry and dull skin to give a moist and revitalized look.

How it looks, feels and smells:
This is a gel that immediately feels very hydrating upon application. Contrarily to its name, it's not a cream, but really a clear gel.
Texture is lightweight and is not sticky. It is absorbed very quickly. It has a faint cherry blossom scent.
It comes in a 50mL/1.69Fl.Oz. jar. The jar is actually super cute and I love the details on the cap :D

In terms of ingredients, the main active ingredients are niacinamide and betaine. Niacinamide can improve skin’s elasticity, its barrier function, stimulate micro circulation, help reduce redness and is able to treat uneven skin tone and brighten it. This is an ingredient that is often present in Korean skin products and I've noticed that when I don't have any niacinamide-based products in my routine, my skin gets more dull and tends to be more red. It really helps reduce redness and inflammation for me. Betaine has anti-inflammatory properties and is therefore great to help soothe the skin.
Other ingredients include mainly texture modifiers ingredients. Cherry leaf extract is also present but in rather small amount and I guess it's there to add a subtle fragrant scent.


Overall, I really like this gel. It feels indeed very hydrating and lightweight. At the moment, I really need to improve my hydration game and therefore this gel is great for that! Moreover, it's so hot at the moment that a refreshing and lightweight gel is perfect as a moisturizer. It also provides some moisture and help soothes and calm down my skin. I aso didn't notice any bad reaction, itching or anything and can really slather it on which is something I always appreciate :D
And I also love the super cute pink package and the details of the “vintage” cap.
Jeju Cherry Blossom Lotion
This is a lightweight emulsion that delivers abundant hydration to dry and dull skin for a moist and revitalized look.

How it looks, feels and smells:
This lotion is a lightweight emulsion. The texture is gellified and feels a bit watery and really lightweight. There is no oily sensation or feeling. It is super quickly absorbed and doesn't leave any residues on the skin. It brings moisture but mainly hydration. I have the impression this is a rather deep hydration because it lets the skin feeling fresh and hydrated for a long time. I actually really like the feeling it leaves on the skin.
It comes in a 100mL/3.38Fl.Oz. tube, which is super practical, also great to travel with.
As the jelly cream, it  has a subtle cherry blossom scent.

In terms of ingredients, it contains as main ingredients, glycerin (humectant), some emollients and texture modifiers, and as the jelly cream, niacinamide and betaine are the main "active" ingredients. Cherry leaf extract is also present but in small amounts. This is actually really the emulsion version of the jelly cream.

This is my favorite summer emulsion because it has such a nice lightweight texture. It feels so light on the skin but still provide enough hydration and moisture. I also like that is very quikly absorbed and that it doesn't leave any greasy residues on the skin.
I also like the tube format because it's really convenient. Overall that's an emulsion I could repurchase.
Jeju Cherry Blossom Skin
This is a toner that targets dull and dry skin to bring hydration and a brightening effect.

How it looks, feels and smells:
This is a thin and watery toner. Viscocity is only slightly thicker than water. It it also quicky absorbed. It leaves a slightly sticky feeling but this is very minimal. I actually didn't notice this when I use it on my face but now that I'm trying to see all the details of the product while writing this review, I noticed this while applying it on the back of my hand.
As the other products from this line, it has a subtle cherry blossom scent.

Again, as the jelly cream and the lotion, the main ingredients of this toner are glycerin (humectant), niacinamide (brightening, reduce redness, improve skin elasticity), and betaine (anti-inflammatory).
It doesn't contain alcoohl or other irritating ingredients and therefore this is a great toner for the 7 skin method or to be used as home made cotton masks. Another option is to fill it in a spray bottle to use it throughout the day, I think it has the perfect texture for that.


I have only being using this toner for 2 weeks regularly and therefore have used it less than the jelly cream and the lotion which I  have been using much more (my jelly cream jar is now empty). That said, I think this is mainly an hydrating and lightweight toner that is perfect for summer. When I use it, I also notice that my skin immediately feels more plump.

See all the textures in more details in my short video clip :D

Overall this cherry blossom line from Innisfree is mainly hydrating and brightening. It offers lightweight textures that are perfect for summer or hot weather or for oily to normal skin types.

Purchase Info
The Jeju Cherry Blossom Line can be purchased from Jolse here.
Jolse offers free international shipping, they ship directly from Korea and are a trustworthy reseller.
*I received it from for review. I could chose what I wanted to get in their shop*

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